July 12, 2020

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We know there are many unanswered questions about what learning will look like in the fall. TeachersFirst® is here to help with teacher-reviewed resources and our summer OK2Ask® workshops that introduce new teaching tools and strategies to help you prepare, whether you’re teaching in person, remotely, or in a blended or flipped classroom. View our Summer PD Offerings >>

Resources to Nurture Global Citizenship

Global citizenship encourages respect and tolerance for others, empathy, and global awareness. Bring a global perspective to your students with the resources shared in this collection. 

Grades K-12

Teachers' Guide to Global Collaboration

Check out this guide to projects and collaborations with educators around the world for every grade level. Help your students develop more understanding of the world outside of your classroom, state, or country.

Grades 4-8

Global Problem Solvers

Discover this free program designed to teach global social responsibility. The program features two seasons of materials with seven episodes per season. Travel the world and encourage your students to become problem-solvers.

Grades 1-12

Global Virtual Classroom

Join and register for the Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) community and bring students from other regions and countries into your classroom! Find lessons, resources, and a list of other educators ready to participate.

Collaboration is Key

Now that you've connected with another class, use these fabulous tools, including a whiteboard, interactive games, and video, to collaborate and bring learning to life. 

Grades K-12

Microsoft Whiteboard

Collaborate with this whiteboard tool, available for Windows or as an iPad app. Use the tools on the whiteboard to draw, type, add images, and much more. Your whiteboards save automatically to the cloud for easy access from any location!

Grades K-12


Flipgrid is a great tool for collaboration for all ages. This tool offers students the capability to share responses to questions through video with the click of a button. Read the directions to create your free account and get started!

Grades 1-9


Looking for an easy way to collaborate with other classes? Use Arcademics to find educational games to play together. Whether you choose math, geography or another subject, you're connecting—virtually.

Create & Educate

You can use the tools in this section to educate others about your location and to have your students learn more about other places and cultures in return.

Grades K-12

Adobe Spark in K-12

Create an introduction to your hometown (food, activities, sports, and more) using this multi-faceted tool that allows you to create web pages, video presentations, and graphics using the available templates. The education version offers privacy, too!

Grades K-12


Curate, create, and share a collection of articles, videos, tweets, and other media, and then organize them into collections called wakes. Share these collections using the provided URL to display large amounts of information in an organized manner.

Grades 3-12


Create interactive presentations across all devices. Drag and drop content from your device, social networks, and the web onto your Sway canvas. Share videos and content about your location and send it to your partner class to collaborate and learn.

This Week at TeachersFirst®

Join us this week as we continue our summer series of OK2Ask® sessions. We're also highlighting a recent blog post and we kindly request your input in our weekly poll. 

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Summer sessions begin at 6 pm ET

OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

Join us this week for two new sessions that you won't want to miss! On Tuesday, 7/14, we will be learning about engaging students with virtual field trips. Come back on Wednesday, 7/15, for our timely session about differentiation with remote learning.

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Global Citizenship

Infusing Technology Blog

As educators, it's our job to prepare our students for their lives beyond school, develop their 21st-century learning skills, and work to create responsible and successful global citizens. Check out this blog post for some new ideas about going global.

Let’s Get Global! »

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Share your thoughts

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks: "What do you feel is the most important reason to encourage global citizenship?" Share your choice and view the options that other educators chose.

Global citizenship - why is it so vital? »

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