July 18, 2021

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July 22 is Microsoft in Education Day! Learn to use free tools in Microsoft Office Online to make learning more engaging and inclusive for all students. Attend one session or all four, including a new, in-depth look at creating Digital Escapes!
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Discover the Beauty of South Africa

In honor of International Mandela Day, we’re sharing resources related to South Africa and Nelson Mandela. In this section, you’ll find four colorful sites to take you on a virtual journey to South Africa. 

Grades 4-12

Introducing South Africa

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, visit famous South African museums, and scroll through a 360-degree look at Cape Peninsula and Table Mountain. Learn about the Cape of Good Hope and Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias.

Grades 8-12

South Africa - Country Studies

Engage with this site that offers detailed cultural, political, and historical summaries created by the Library of Congress’s Federal Research Service. Click the South Africa study guide to find a collection of 620 images and pages about this country.

Grades 4-12


This colorful and image-rich resource offers live webcams and video highlights of locations throughout South Africa (and other African nations). View live cameras in Rosie's Pan, Naledi Dam, and various other locations.

Grades K-12

Wild Earth

Each morning and afternoon, follow along on a live Safari with one of the Wild Earth rangers from Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa. View the nature of Africa unaltered and in its natural state. Peruse the variety of archived videos available.

A Leader who made a Difference Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa from 1994–1999 and made history as the country's first black head of state and the first elected in a democratic election. He was also a philanthropist and believed “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Use these resources to learn more about one of South Africa’s most prominent leaders.

Grades 6-12

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela

Discover interviews, film clips, and a teacher's guide on this informational site about Nelson Mandela. Learn about his many roles with sections including “The Boy From the Transkei,” “The Revolutionary,” “The Prisoner,” and “The Husband & Lover.”

Grades 3-12

Nelson Mandela - Facts

Peruse information and facts about 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela straight from the Nobel Prize website. In addition to basic biographical information, view videos of Mandela's Nobel lecture, a bibliography of his writings, and more.

Grades 3-8

Who Was Nelson Mandela?

Find a good introduction and overview of Nelson Mandela’s life, including a look at young Mandela, problems in South Africa, and his life as a world statesman. Scroll through several fun facts about Mandela, play a game, and test yourself on a quiz.

Grades 4-12

Nelson Mandela Biography

Explore the life of Nelson Mandela with this informative site that includes facts, photos, and videos profiling his life and leadership. Read all about Mandela's early life, education, politics, the anti-apartheid movement, and more.

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This week, we’re excited to offer several virtual workshops, including Microsoft in Education Day! We also encourage you to take some time to explore the professional topics available on our Infusing Technology blog and kindly ask for your input on our weekly poll. 

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Tuesday, 7/20, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Measuring Authentic Learning Activities with Exit Tickets

Knowing if students "caught what was taught" is crucial in instruction. This virtual workshop will introduce the concept of exit tickets and ways you can use them to gauge what your students took away from your lessons.

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Wednesday, 7/21, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: 3 Cool Tools for Formative Assessment

Come to this session to learn the three steps in the formative assessment and feedback loop, explore three online formative assessment tools that will help you gather evidence of student progress, and discuss a variety of formative assessment strategies.

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Microsoft in Education Day

Join us this Thursday, July 22, for a full day of workshops designed to introduce educators to ways they can use Microsoft Office Online to engage and make learning more inclusive for all students at no cost! Join one session or all four workshops.

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Infusing Technology Blog

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This week our poll asks, "What topic about South Africa does your school teach the most?" Share your reply and immediately view the replies of other educators.

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