July 21, 2019

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July is Social Wellness Month

Social wellness means nurturing yourself and your relationships. Discover units, guides, and activities for teaching empathy, social-emotional skills, respect, and other topics related to social wellness. 

Grades K-8

Big Ideas Video Series

Learn ways to help your students manage their emotions with this five-part video series exploring empathy, mindfulness, gratitude, and perseverance. Each short activity (5-minutes) is designed as a "watch-discuss-share" lesson and includes a guide.

Grades 3-12

Teach With Movies

Find hundreds of teachable movies! Search the numerous categories to locate the movie, documentary, or short you want. Check out the Social-Emotional Learning movies. Lessons include a general summary of the film, discussion questions, and more.

Grades K-3


Delve into this curriculum to teach social-emotional skills, self-regulation, gratitude, and respect through short teaching units. Each unit contains an introductory story, classroom activities, and learning activities for parents to use at home.

TeachersFirst's Social-Emotional Exclusives

From mentoring resources to booklists to a Twitter chat archive, TeachersFirst has got you covered! 

Grades K-12

Twitter Chat: Using Technology to Strengthen Social Emotional Learning

View this Twitter chat archive: Using Technology to Strengthen Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Read about the main components of social emotional learning, the role of technology in strengthening SEL, and resources to help educators address these needs.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Mentoring Resources

Here you will find tools to empower girls, build character, manage crisis situations, coach boys to become strong and emotionally healthy men, and many other topics. Use these tools to coach, lead, teach, and mentor in your classroom and beyond.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Book List: Books for Tough Situations

Find books to help students cope with difficult situations: divorce, death, an absent or deployed parent, moving, a loss of a pet, difficulty making friends, bullying, failure, eating disorders, weight, and other emotional and psychological challenges.

Design, Play, & Share

Design personalized emojis, play a game to teach empathy, and share your happiness with this trio of tools!

Grades K-12


You or your students can build an emoji using Bitmoji, available as an Android and Apple app or as a Chrome extension. Design an emoji that looks like yourself and use it to communicate your thoughts, for creative writing prompts, and to share emotions.

Grades 8-12


Try this activity for 3-5 players (all in the same room) to build creativity and empathy through small group deliberations. Set up the game following prompts on the site. The game has four options of play and uses three rounds of discussion and debate.

Grades 3-12


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. . . and use this site/app to connect with others, read helpful tips, find mini-courses, and use daily reminders to assist you on your journey to a happier you! Get "In the Classroom" ideas from our review.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Did you celebrate Emoji Day? Read all about it in our recent blog post. Join us for OK2Ask® Virtual Workshops this Tuesday (7/23) and Wednesday (7/24) at 6pm ET. And, share your thoughts in our poll on social wellness.

  Infusing Technology Blog image

Tech Tool of the Month: Bitmoji

Infusing Technology Blog

Did you know that July 17th was World Emoji Day? Learn about Bitmoji and hone in on writing and science lessons using the emoji tools shared in the post. Read about classroom use ideas, ways to differentiate, and more.

Using emojis in education »

  OK2Ask Virtual Workshops: Tuesday & Wednesday image

Free, Quality Professional Learning

OK2Ask Virtual Workshops: Tuesday & Wednesday

This week we have two engaging topics to explore during OK2Ask. Tuesday's (7/23) topic is 3 Cool Tools for Classroom Management. Come back on Wednesday (7/24) for Power Packed Primary Sources for the Classroom. Sessions start at 6 pm ET.

See schedule of all upcoming workshops »

  Weekly Poll image

Social Wellness

Weekly Poll

This week in our poll we are asking what is the biggest issue that you notice your students face in relation to social wellness? Share your response with our community. When you submit your choice, you can view others' replies.

Tell us about social wellness in your class »

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