June 25, 2023

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Celebrate the Anniversary of Tetris

Games offer students of all ages an engaging way to learn and practice content. In honor of the anniversary of the release of Tetris in June of 1984, we are sharing resources that provide educational games you can play and resources that will help you create your own game-based learning experiences. 

Grades K-12

Sports Games

Choose from many games based on sports like soccer, basketball, and BMX racing. Hover over any of the game thumbnails to view the title and select it to go to the game's start page. Some games include options for multiple players.

Grades 9-12

iThrive Sim: Follow the Facts

Check out these simulations where students’ actions determine the storyline. For example, one activity has students play the part of a journalist reporting on a breaking story. To get the truth, they need to find credible sources.

Grades K-5


As students play these math games, SplashLearn adapts the learning path to fit individual student responses and interactions within the elementary math curriculum. You can use the teacher dashboard to manage classes, make changes, and add students.

Grades K-6


ABCya provides educational games, videos, and activities related to nearly every subject. Click on your grade level (K–5) and explore what’s available under language arts, math, and other topics. Share this site with students for summer practice.

Grades K-9

Arcademic Skill Builders

Discover engaging interactives for math, language arts, geography, and other subjects. The activities are divided into multiplayer and single-player games. Multiplayer games allow 2, 4, 8, or 12 participants to play together virtually.

Grades 1-12


Educators can create game sets that can be used in solo or group play games. Students use a provided code to join on their devices and play a variety of game options. Build sets using your questions or search the library to find existing games.

Grades K-5


Use Educandy to create and share interactive learning games that incorporate your vocabulary terms. Follow the prompts to generate match-up and memory games, crossword puzzles, and more that will help your students learn vocabulary in any subject area.

Grades 4-12

MakeCode Arcade

Modify or create retro games. Resources on the site include coding tutorials, game design concepts, learning outcomes, and courses in coding. Follow the tutorial prompts to use drag-and-drop code blocks to create unique games.

Grades K-12


Baamboozle is a quick and easy-to-use tool for playing and creating games. Choose your game, divide the group into two teams, and play without registration. Each team chooses a number from the game board and answers the question.

Grades 3-12

Goosechase edu

Organize and run a scavenger hunt with Goosechase! Determine point values for completion, add optional links or images to provide additional information, and choose whether participants submit photos or videos to validate completion.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Our summer OK2Ask virtual workshop schedule is now open for registration. If you are attending ISTELive 2023, visit one of our sessions. We are also sharing a related blog post and kindly request your input in our weekly poll. 

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Join us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

Our summer season of OK2Ask virtual workshops will begin in July, but registration is open now! Register to attend “Dynamic Digital Reading Strategies,” “Using AI for Teacher Productivity,” “Scaffolding Inquiry-Based Research,” and many other sessions.

View the full schedule and save your seat now »

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Five on-site sessions from our presenters

ISTELive 23

If you're attending the International Society for Technology in Education's ISTELive 23 conference, attend sessions from TeachersFirst staff members Melissa Henning and Ruth Okoye and contributors Barbara De Santis and Karen Streeter!

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  Tech Tool of the Month: FluentKey – Part 1 image

Infusing Technology Blog

Tech Tool of the Month: FluentKey – Part 1

This recent blog post offers a complete tutorial on using another game-based learning tool called FluentKey. Read about this unique way to engage your ENL/ELL students using videos and games. The post offers many classroom integration ideas.

Read all about this fantastic gamification tool for ENL students »

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Weekly Poll

Our weekly poll asks, “How do you mainly use game-based learning in your lessons?” Share your learning plans and view the responses of other educators once you click submit.

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