March 11, 2018

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Math Tech for Pi Day & Beyond

This week, we pay tribute to the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter; otherwise known as 3.14159, π or pi. Just in time for Pi Day (which falls on Wednesday, March 14), our K12 edtech coaches have shared a number of pi related resources for you (including a pi vocabulary game and math art using a pi skyline!) as well as math tech for STEM, financial literacy, numeracy, and more!

Grades K-12

Pi Day Resources

Don't miss this curated list of all of your must-have sites for celebrating Pi Day. Find resources for all grades. Activities include Pi vocabulary, math + art, the Joy of Pi, and more. Each review includes tech integration ideas for your class.

Grades 5-12

Celebrate Pi Day

NBC Learn offers this collection of 9 video stories and accompanying activities ideal for Pi Day! Each short video includes an opportunity to apply math concepts to real world situations. Activity suggestions and full transcripts are available to preview.

Grades K-5

Math Art for Kids: Pi Skyline

Get your youngest students excited about Pi Day with this engaging site! Follow the easy instructions to draw, cut, and graph your way to represent the digits of pi. Use your projector to share the video demonstrating different ways to create the skyline.

Must-See Math for Elementary

Explore artificial intelligence with "Watson" and get kids started with financial literacy using a money-smart program tailored for the young. We also feature NCTM's number and operations activities for grades K-2! 

Grades K-5

Teacher Advisor with Watson

Learn about IBM's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform, Watson. Find standards-based vetted math resources and lessons for grades K-5 that include grade level, standards, strategies, and resources. Use the search feature to find lessons and strategies.

Grades K-6

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Peruse these animated videos that provide lessons on saving and earning money, entrepreneurship, and charity. This site, created for the elementary grades, includes educator guides correlated to financial literacy and social studies standards and more.

Grades K-2

NCTM Illuminations Numbers & Operations Resources PreK-2nd Grade

This site is your GO TO for grades K-2 math resources related to the number line, graphing, operations, and more. All are ready to go for the projector or individual devices. Each lesson includes standards, assessments, and a complete instructional plan.

Math Mix for All

This trio provides an eclectic mix of math. Find STEM, Math Olympiad and other competitions, Algebra, math+music+science, and more! Each review offers a detailed description and classroom ideas. 

Grades K-12


Visit Scratch Jazz for music + coding or Groove Pizza for shapes + angles + music and many other cool math (and more) activities. Don't miss the short descriptions along with suggestions for appropriate grade level, concepts taught, and links to more!

Grades 3-12

Mastering the Math Olympiad and other Math Competitions

Learn about resources for increasing problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Practice for specific events and find strategies for competing. Explore the large number of resources for competitors to get into top form for any math competition.

Grades 5-12


This site features a FREE algebra calculator! You will also find step-by-step algebra help through practice and lessons. If you teach pre-algebra or any algebra level, share this resource with your students (and parents) on your class website.

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