March 17, 2024

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Poetry Resources for Your Lessons!

World Poetry Day, created by UNESCO and observed on March 21, recognizes poetry's unique ability to capture humanity's creative spirit. Next month is also National Poetry Month, a celebration established in 1996 to honor the art form and its profound impact on literature and society. Poetry transcends boundaries, serving as a powerful medium for self-expression, cultural preservation, and the exploration of universal human experiences. Use these resources to share this powerful art form with your students. 

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Grades 8-12


#TeachLivingPoets is a robust resource that seeks to put contemporary poetry into students’ hands. Browse the virtual library for diverse poetry examples, or click Poetry Reviews to find reviews written by teachers. There are also complete teaching units.

Grades 7-12

Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse is a Google AI project that helps create poetry by suggesting lines composed in the style of American poets whose work is in the public domain. Choose up to 3 muse poets, select structure details, then enter your first line to get inspired.

Grades 3-12

Kids Think Wide

Kids Think Wide uses AI-generated images to inspire creativity and storytelling. Visit the Pictures page to find vibrant images that include discussion questions and writing prompts. Filter images by text type to find poetry-specific prompts.

Grades K-4

Theme Poem Generator

Discover the Theme Poem Generator, an interactive tool for poetry learning. Enter an author's name and explore poem examples for themes like nature, school, celebrations, or sports, then select a relevant shape from the options provided.

Grades 8-12

Power Poetry

Power Poetry aims to bridge the literacy gap through poetic expression for diverse youth. Find challenges where students write about social issues or write a poem in only 140 characters. Click Resources to find lesson plans and other guides for students.

Grades 8-12

Shakespeare Uncovered

Explore the themes within and stories behind Shakespeare's most significant works with this comprehensive resource from PBS. Each lesson uses video segments, lesson suggestions, PDFs, and activities.

Grades 8-12

Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud is a national arts education program that promotes the study and creation of poetry through partnerships. Browse poems by collection, poet, or form, access NCTE-aligned lesson plans, and learn about competitions for your students.

Grades 4-12

Poem Generator

Effortlessly craft diverse poetic forms with Poem Generator. Select from over a dozen forms, then provide a topic, desired words, and other structural details. Click Write Me a Poem to generate your piece and refresh the page to see new variations.

Grades 2-8

Diamante Poems

View examples and learn more about the structure of these diamond-shaped, seven-line poems that use specific types of words for each line to describe a central topic or two opposing topics. Rhyming isn't needed, but it needn't be impeded!

Grades 4-12

Poetry Generators

Do your students need help writing poems? These generators will help them through the process. To begin, choose from a variety of forms, including haiku, limerick, and acrostic, then fill in the blanks to add details.

This Week at TeachersFirst

We cordially invite you to attend our free OK2Ask virtual workshop next Tuesday to kick off our spring series! Additionally, we’re delighted to announce that TeachersFirst will be presenting a complimentary webinar for the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA)—read more details below. We’re also sharing a professional learning article focused on poetry, as well as a curated collection of posts from our Infusing Technology Blog.

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Tuesday, 3/26, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Build a Google Site in a Day!

In this session, you’ll master the basics of Google Sites and explore how to use it for instruction and student projects. You will also discover inspiring examples of ways Google Sites can enhance learning and engagement in your classroom.

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Wednesday, 3/20, 4:30 PM ET

IDEA | Wednesday Webinar | Tech Tools Smackdown: AI Tools

Discover the top artificial intelligence (AI) tools for your classroom in this fast-paced, fun tech smackdown webinar! Presenter Melissa Henning will showcase creative, time-saving, and engaging classroom AI assistants to help you find your MVP!

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Help! I Lost My Librarian/Media Specialist

I Think That I Shall Never See - Using and Analyzing Poetry in the Classroom

This article for educators shares background knowledge about the history of poetry, books related to poetry, poetry activities for students, lesson extension ideas, and correlation with various standards.

Find books, poems, and resources for your lessons »

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Infusing Technology Blog

Poetry Posts

Explore this collection of blog posts related to poetry. You’ll find topics such as students' voices and poetry, spoken word poetry, three powerful resources for using poetry in your classroom, and instructions for hosting a poetry cafe.

Read these posts to discover new resources and strategies »

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