May 12, 2019

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Celebrate Families

The International Day of Families is May 15th. Proclaimed by the UN in 1993, it is a time to celebrate families of all types in our society and culture and around the world. In honor of this day, this week we share three family-centric resources for the classroom.

Grades K-12

Parent Toolkit

Peruse this informative guide to child development which includes academic, health, and social guidelines, benchmarks, and tips. Discover articles for grades PreK-12 by noted experts. And share this helpful information with parents too.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects: Books for Tough Situations

Many families experience challenging times and may search for ways to help their children cope and understand their situation. This collection of books offers topics related to divorce, moving, a lost pet, death, bullying, and more.

Grades K-12

Special Occasion Ideas: TeachersFirst Editors' Choices

Whether your family is paying tribute to an anniversary, birthday, adoption date, Mother's Day or any other special event, find digital gift ideas in this curated list. Some of these tools allow you to create individual trading cards, posters, and more.

Thanks Mom!

May 12, 2019 is Mother's Day. Draw inspiration from the resources below to celebrate the moms and those who fill the role of moms (aunts, grandmothers, cousins, teachers, sisters, and friends) in our students' lives.

Grades K-12

Mother's Day Resources

If you are looking for some special ways to honor the moms and other special females in your students' lives, discover a treasure trove of resources in this collection. We have included classroom activities, projects to create, and ways to say thanks!

Grades 2-10

Mother's Day Vocabulary

What do the words acceptance, admiration, adoration, and advising all have in common? They are included in this thorough vocabulary site dedicated to Mother's Day. Find 8 vocabulary puzzles, over 200 vocabulary words, and many songs related to mothers.

Grades K-3

Mother's Day Crafts and Children's Activities

Calling all primary teachers: check out this site filled with Mother's Day activities, crafts, songs, cards, poems, puzzles, interactive games, recipes, themed writing paper, and language art challenges!

Create a Treasure Together

Honor mothers and families with these three tools for creating memorable videos, newsletters, and images.

Grades K-12


Construct a video to honor families or mothers. Quickly devise one-of-a-kind videos by uploading images or video clips. Customize your video with music or record audio using your computer's microphone. When done, save your video or download to any device.

Grades 2-12


Create a beautiful online "multimedia" newsletter to share information with your class. Arrange content easily with drag-and-drop editing and add ready-made graphics or images from your computer or the web. You can also embed text, videos, and tweets.

Grades K-12


Use this free drag-and-drop literacy tool to add inspirational or humorous captions to pictures. View the gallery for pre-made PicLits complete with comments and ratings.

This Week at TeachersFirst

From virtual workshops to Twitter chats and topics ranging from tech tools for primary grades to promoting healthy self-esteem in teens we offer insightful tech integration ideas for everyone.

  3 Cool Tools for the Primary Classroom (K-2) image

OK2Ask® Virtual Workshop

3 Cool Tools for the Primary Classroom (K-2)

Explore, compare, and contrast three online tools designed for early learners. Learn about the features of these three free tools and then explore ways to use them in the primary classroom. Join us on Tuesday (5/14) at 7 pm ET.

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  Using Images in the Classroom image

OK2Ask Twitter Chat

Using Images in the Classroom

Come and Tweet with us this Thursday (5/16) at 8 pm ET to discuss the impact images can have with regard to engagement and learning outcomes. Share technology tools useful in creating and using images with your students. Join us with the hashtag #OK2Ask.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Be Inspired to Try Something New

Visit our Infusing Technology blog to pick up insightful tech integration ideas for promoting healthy self-esteem in teens, using new tech tools like Pablo, analyzing media in the classroom, and much more.

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Share with our community!

Weekly Poll

What type of tech tools are most useful for primary (K-2) students? Share your thoughts about tech tools in the primary grades by answering this week's poll. And then view how other educators replied!

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