May 21, 2023

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Inspire Confidence in Teens

National Teen Self-Esteem Month, held every May, is sponsored by I Am Worth More, a nonprofit that "connects teens to resources and helps them increase their positive entertainment intake." Their goal is to unite teens, teachers, and parents from around the country and to focus on the pivotal role each plays in supporting teens. This week, we are sharing resources to help teens build a positive and healthy outlook.  

Grades K-12


Try out this digital application that can provide a daily wellness check-in for students. Students log in each day and answer two questions: “How are you feeling today?” and “How are you doing overall?” Teachers can view responses immediately.

Grades 6-9

My Social Media Life

This lesson provides resources for guiding middle-school students in learning about the role of social media in their lives, especially its effect on their relationships and themselves. The lesson has student handouts, slides, and standards.

Grades 6-12


Ask your students a question to encourage them to make connections and to check in on student wellness. Students can choose to share their responses using video, audio, or text, and the teacher views their reflections within the Along dashboard.

Grades 5-12

5 Powerful lesson ideas to help students find self-identity

This collection of lesson activities encourages students to reflect upon and understand their self-identity, share opinions, consider interests and expertise, create an avatar of themselves, and introduce themselves to others using only 250 characters.

Grades 3-12


Share positive moments and increase your happiness! Describe your happy moment, upload a picture (optional), and place it in categories you create, such as working out, family, and more. Have your students focus on and share happy moments.

Grades 3-7

Discovering My Identity Lesson Plan

Challenge your students to view videos, read, and answer essential questions that identify similarities and differences between themselves and others and use Marley Dias’s Black Girls Books campaign to explore how stories teach us about identity.

Grades 8-12

Radio Rookies

Discover programming created by teens to help teens cope with the challenges of life. Scroll down the home page to browse through recent episodes and articles featuring complex topics such as abuse, dating, and dealing with peers.

Grades 5-12


SpeakUp! is a nonprofit organization that provides resources that support teens in developing positive relationships with adults. Their programs focus on encouraging teens to have supportive conversations that help them deal with issues.

Grades K-8

Big Ideas Video Series

Search these ten videos and discussion topics encouraging students to explore ways to achieve healthy social-emotional development. The videos discuss concepts such as empathy, perseverance, positive thinking, gratitude, mindfulness, and more.

Grades 3-12

Teach With Movies

Peruse hundreds of teachable movies. Start with the section on social-emotional learning, which covers themes like ambition, coming of age, and many others. Lessons include a general summary of the film and discussion questions with suggested answers.

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Tuesday, 5/23, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Strategies for Supporting English Language Learners

This session will explore strategies to help you increase student background knowledge and differentiate instruction when necessary. Learn strategies that support English Language Learners and explore tech tools to provide differentiated instruction.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Teen Talk: Promoting Healthy Self-Esteem in School

Read this blog post that shares some basic ideas and teaching strategies that will help you promote a healthy sense of worth and belonging in your students. This post was written with teens in mind and provides several easy ideas to integrate.

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