May 23, 2021

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Take a break from end-of-the-year activities and register for this week’s OK2Ask workshop! Dive into Adobe Spark Post, a simple but powerful tool for editing images, and learn along with other educators and our experienced edtech coaches.
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Encourage Global Citizenship

Global citizenship nurtures a respect and tolerance for others, empathy, and global awareness. Bring a global perspective to your lessons with the resources shared in this collection. 

Grades K-12

Twitter Chat: Infusing Global Learning Experiences

View this archived Twitter chat related to global learning experiences. During this chat, participants discussed the tenets of global learning initiatives and shared ways to utilize technology to facilitate global learning experiences.

Grades K-12

Teachers' Guide to Global Collaboration

Check out this guide that provides educators with information and resources for finding projects and collaborations with other educators from around the world. Use the different categories to learn, connect, search, and submit ideas for collaboration.

Grades 4-8

Global Problem Solvers

Discover this free program that teaches global social responsibility through two seven-episode seasons of materials. In each episode, characters travel the world through videos, solving problems while encouraging student participation.

Grades 1-12

Global Virtual Classroom

Bring students from other regions and countries into your classroom— virtually! This resource includes lessons, a mini web design contest completed with another class and on a world issue, and a web design contest completed with just your class.

Grades 6-12


Keep students learning about other cultures and involved with current events through this fantasy-sports-type site with games and challenges. Students draft teams of states, countries, and events and earn points when their choice is mentioned in the news.

Resources to Engage in Collaboration

Collaborating with classes from around the world is a wonderful way for students to gain a deeper understand of global awareness. These resources will help your students collaborate in both simple and more complex ways. 

Grades K-12

Travelling Tales

Collaborate with classrooms around the world with this storytelling project. Sign up to create your collaborative tale based on a book and told through five different activities. The complete project takes place within a two-week time frame.

Grades 2-5


This tool matches classrooms grades 2-5 with other classrooms around the world for standards-based lessons accomplished through video conferencing. Follow six easy steps to enroll your class and get connected to another class of students.

Grades K-12


Flipgrid is a video discussion tool with capabilities for sharing student responses through video. Flipgrid offers a section, GridPals, where you can connect with over 40,000 other educators from around the world. Click on your profile to get started!

Grades K-12


LivingTree is an online collaborative tool for teachers, parents, and students. Share and collaborate with other classes through messages, photos, files, and more. LivingTree will translate to 100+ languages instantly, making connections even easier.

Grades 1-9

Arcademic Skill Builders

Looking for an easy way to collaborate with other classes? Use Arcademics to find educational games to play together. Whether you choose math, geography, or another subject, you're connecting—virtually. Games are available for 1, 2, 4, or 8 participants.

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Tuesday, 5/25, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Tech Integration Made Easy with Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is a simple image creator that you can use to engage students and deepen content area knowledge with instructional imagery. Join our tech coaches this Tuesday at 7 PM ET as we explore three different ways to use Adobe Spark Post.

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  United Nations Day: Celebrating Global Citizenship and Cooperation image

Infusing Technology Blog

United Nations Day: Celebrating Global Citizenship and Cooperation

This blog post shares resources about the complex relationships and interconnectedness of global communities and tips for encouraging students to understand their role within the world’s broader context—not just within their local community or country.

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