May 28, 2017

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Cutting Edge Technology for Your Classroom

Click each title to explore our reviews of edtech tools for you and your students.

Grades 6-12


Need to make a decision? Let iBoske help you create a decision making tree or get inspired by browsing the sample trees. Use it for political or social debates in the classroom and find additional classroom applications in our review.

Grades 6-12


Students (or you) can take notes while watching online videos with this Chrome extension. A time stamp time is provided to match the place in the video of saved notes. Use to add notes and questions to videos that you assign for your students.

Grades 8-12


With features like highlighting, notes, and tags, this collaborative annotation tool can be used to ask students comprehension questions or for groups to collaborate on projects. Click to see more ideas for how to use eMargin to support learning.

Grades 6-12


Are you looking for a new quiz creator to add to your tech toolbox? Use Qzzr to share polls, quizzes, and lists. Embed them on your website or in a link on social media. Use this tool to create a pretest, study guide, exit slip poll, and more.

Cool Tools to Get Organized

Learn how a list maker, name picker, and sticky notes can help you and your students stay organized.

Grades K-12


Have students organize projects and deadlines with this very simple list-making tool! Taskade is also helpful for organizing classroom events, conferences, field trip preparations, and more. No registration is required, unless you plan to save.

Grades K-12

Name Picker Ninja

Add a list of names (or other words) and click go! Let the Name Picker Ninja randomly select names or words from your list to create groups, choose partners, or select who to call on next to answer questions. Share with families for use at home too.

Grades 4-12


Organize what you are reading with this handy Chrome extension which allows you to add a sticky note to any site or PDF. Unlike some other "sticky" sites, your note appears each time you open that page, even on another machine.

Cool Tools to Gamify Your Classroom

Our teacher-suggested tips help motivate and inspire your students with gamification.

Grades 3-12


Make review time a game! Choose from 18 game types including matching, associating, ordering, and categorizing to create your own game or use one that is ready to go! Challenge students to develop their own games too.

Grades 4-12

QR Wild

Create a QR Code scavenger hunt for knowledge! As your students find and scan codes using QR readers on mobile devices they earn points and unlock digital badges. For a different twist, create a QR hunt for parents at your next Back to School Night.

Grades 4-12

Online Quiz Creator

Create basic quizzes and interactive games to help students learn and practice with this online quiz creator. Divide your class into teams and use this tool to review for a test or challenge students to create their own games to share.

Cool Tools to Simplify

This trio of extensions and sites shorten text and make reading easier! Read our contributing teachers' suggestions for how to use them in your classroom.

Grades 2-12


Adjust the spaces in your text for an easier reading experience using this web browser extension. Create chunks of text to allow for easier digestion. Use this tool with learning support students or ESL/ELL students to make the material less text heavy.

Grades K-12

Text Mode

This Chrome extension removes distractions and advertisements from web pages. Text Mode will help keep your students focused on the content, rather than being distracted by the extras. This tool may be especially helpful for ADHD students.

Grades 6-12


See a short summary of any large section of text. Simply copy (from any source) and paste your text into the box on the site to view a summary of the original text. Use this tool to show students an example of how you summarize text in an ELA class.

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