May 31, 2020

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The novel coronavirus is changing the way we teach, and TeachersFirst® is ready to help. Our upcoming issues are full of the same great resources you’ve come to expect—and new ideas on how to use them in the era of distance learning. View our Public Health Crises Collection >>

Seeking Adventure? Explore the Edge

TeachersFirst® Edge includes a unique set of creation tools that you and your students can use to make media, presentations, timelines, and more. This week, we’re featuring some engaging and exciting tools recently added to our collection.

Grades 4-12

MakeCode Arcade

Modify or create your own retro games using these coding tutorials, game design concepts, and courses in coding. Follow the tutorial prompts to create unique games using drag-and-drop code blocks. Share the tutorials in remote learning lessons.

Grades 6-12

Audience Connect

Create interactive and blended learning presentations using Google Slides. Students enter a code, then become active participants in your presentation by providing feedback, answering questions, and more.

Grades 6-12


Discover a collaborative workspace that helps students investigate ideas, solve problems, and draft plans to move forward with a designated workflow. Use the dashboard to add notes, create drag-and-drop lists, and upload documents and images.

Grades K-12


Upload a photo and convert it into a digital painting. Choose between the two painting style options, add outlines, and change the brush sizes to create a beautiful custom image.

Grades K-12


Curate and bundle online content into engaging websites or newsletters using the templates and tools at elink. Select a template or start from scratch and add links, customize the header text and image, select a layout, and adjust theme colors as desired.

Grades K-12


Use and share this resource with your families to convert images, text, Word documents, and other file formats to PDF without creating an account (files max size of 50MB). When finished, simply download and save on your device.

Grades 5-12


Knowt creates quizzes from your documents and notes using artificial intelligence. Import notes from your device or Google Drive to create a quiz, then highlight text, change font, and add quotes to emphasize key points.

Grades K-12


Create your own template or remix one of the thousands of available models found on the tool to create quizzes and games for social media. Use this interactive content creator to customize your text, sound, images, and more.

Grades K-12

Data GIF Maker

Turn data into GIFs with this tool from Google News Lab. Follow the prompts to add a title and data values and choose from the three theme options—rectangles, circles, or racetrack—to begin. Save or share your creation when finished.

Grades K-12


Try out this virtual reality editor that turns panoramic images from your phone or camera into a slideshow. Log into Google to begin and open the SceneVR Creator to start the fun!

This Week at TeachersFirst®

Join us on Tuesday for our next virtual workshop all about EdPuzzle and come tweet with us on Thursday about self-care. Take some time to catch up on our Infusing Technology Blog, and don’t forget to give your input in our weekly poll!

  OK2Ask®: Tech Integration Made Easy with Edpuzzle image

Tuesday, 6/2, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask®: Tech Integration Made Easy with Edpuzzle

Join our virtual workshop, “Tech Integration Made Easy with Edpuzzle,” this Tuesday at 7 PM ET. Plan for and explore three different ways to use Edpuzzle in the classroom and collaborate with our coaches.

Learn basic use of Edpuzzle »

  Twitter Chat: Self-care Tips and Strategies for Educators image

Thursday, 6/4, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Self-care Tips and Strategies for Educators

With the events of the past few months, we could all benefit from taking some time to focus on our emotional and physical wellness. In this chat, we’ll share strategies, tools, and more to help you cope with today’s challenges.

Explore tech tools that support educator self-care »

  Infusing Technology Blog image

Discover new tech tools

Infusing Technology Blog

Dig into our Infusing Technology Blog by exploring our eclectic collection of our Tech Tools of the Month. Discover additional TeachersFirst Edge tools with descriptions, grade ranges, standards, how-to tutorials, classroom uses, and much more.

Find a new tech tool to try this summer »

  Weekly Poll image

What blended tool would work for you?

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks: “Which of the following blended learning tools would you like to learn more about? Would you like to learn more about BlendSpace, Nearpod, or FlipGrid?” You may see the top scoring tool in an upcoming blog post or OK2Ask!

Share your thoughts and see the replies of others »

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