November 18, 2018

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National Day of Listening

While the day after Thanksgiving is more known for "Black Friday" retail shopping the day also happens to be National Day of Listening, a day for families to connect, share (or record) stories, and listen! Why not try listening to an audio book together as you enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers? 

Grades 4-12


The creator of National Day of Listening, StoryCorps, is a nonprofit site where Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs can record, share, and preserve the stories of their lives. It is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind. Take a look!

Grades K-12


Add your own voiceover to any YouTube video or another video on your computer. You can choose from 15 different voices and 13 languages. Simply select the "Create VoiceOver Now!" button to begin. Video your interview with family and add your own voice!

Grades K-12

Audio Books

Looking for audio books to listen to in your class or share on your class website? Then look no further than this list which includes audio books with text or with interactive features, such as highlighting.

Grades K-12


Don't miss this neat voice recorder and notepad available for download on most devices. Some features include timestamps on recordings, editing, transcription, and shareable links. Once logged in, this tool will sync notes across various platforms.

The Power of Podcasting

If you're seeking to try your hand at podcasting to record interviews, create projects for class, introduce a lesson, and more, then this trio of podcasting tools is perfect for you! 

Grades K-12


Create audio recordings of up to 256 seconds in length and then combine those recordings into a podcast. Think of it as similar to a series of "audio" Tweets. To create a recording, you select the Podcast link and then add the plus sign to begin.

Grades 1-12


Turn your audio into a podcast using any device. This tool is easy to use. You can add songs from Apple Music, Spotify, files from your computer, or even record your own voice to create your podcast. Name your podcast and upload the content to share.

Grades K-12


Check out this free, easy-to-use, podcast hosting. Sign up to receive two hours of hosting per month. Uploads remain available for 90 days. Features include scheduling episodes for a specific date and time, adding links, lists, chapter markers, and more.

Lessons in Listening

Reinforce listening skills with music from around the world (and from the past), a current events podcast from NPR, and movie style soundtracks and sound effects for countless classroom projects.

Grades K-12


Enjoy listening to music from all over the world and from over 100 years back in time! No registration is necessary and this tool is available on the web or as an app. Select a decade, mood, and country - - and the music will begin. Create a playlist!

Grades 6-12

Wait Wait.... Don't Tell Me!

This weekly podcast from NPR relates to current news and features celebrities and audience participation activities. The podcast also includes games like "Bluff the Listener." In this activity, you hear three stories (only two are true). Can you guess?

Grades 1-12

Booktrack Classroom

Get creative and add movie style soundtracks to favorite stories and books. This tool allows you to add your own sound effects and music to stories and books. There are thousands of titles available: classic, contemporary, short story, poetry, and more.

This Week at TeachersFirst

We're excited to debut our Winter Book Study – read participation details below! Our new blog post about National Listening Day encourages educators to promote active listening. And don't forget to share your thoughts about listening in our weekly poll!

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Registration Is Open

Winter Book Study (Limited Registration)

Our winter book study features The Relevant Educator: How Connectedness Empowers Learning by Tom Whitby and Steven W. Anderson. Come learn simple tools educators can use to get connected. Limited to 40 educators.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Listen Up!

Find tips and tech tool suggestions for active listening in our latest blog post about National Day of Listening. Read other posts covering a variety of topics, including digital citizenship, social learning, and more.

Learn the art of listening»

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Listening Tools in the Classroom

Weekly Poll

What kind of listening tech tools do you use the most in your class? Do your students use audio books, create or listen to podcasts, or a different type of listening tool? Share your thoughts in our weekly poll.

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