November 19, 2023

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Prepare for the Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a global movement celebrating coding and computer programming for all ages. This celebration lasts the entire week of December 4–10, 2023, but it only takes an hour for students all around the world to participate. Discover twelve resources you can use to introduce your students to coding!

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Grades K-12

Hour of Code

Join students around the globe and participate in Hour of Code activities. This year, participants can choose whether or not they want to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the program. Learn how to get started and join the fun!

Grades 8-12


Replit is an online coding platform that works with many different programming languages. Many of Replit's tools incorporate AI to enhance productivity and to provide suggestions when coding. Create your account and follow the prompts.

Grades 3-12

Try an Hour of Code with Khan Academy

These courses introduce beginners to coding through videos, challenges, and final projects. Topics include drawing with Javascript, using HTML and CSS to make webpages, and an Hour of Databases activity. Take advantage of the teacher’s guide.

Grades 4-12

MakeCode Arcade

Modify or create retro games. Resources on the site include coding tutorials, game design concepts, learning outcomes, and courses in coding. Follow the tutorials to create unique games using drag-and-drop code blocks.

Grades K-12

Blockly Games

Learn computer programming using a resource developed for students without coding experience. Games progress in difficulty, starting with a simple puzzle and ending with creating a pond game using text-based programming.

Grades 2-6

Disney Hour of Code Digital Toolkit - Moana: Wayfinding with Code

Your elementary students can participate in the Hour of Code using the videos, printable toolkit, and hands-on coding adventure available on this site, which offers students ages 8–12 an introduction to computer science.

Grades K-12

Pencil Code Gym

Code your own art, music, and interactive fiction! The primary language is CoffeeScript, but you can click Reference in the upper left corner to use HTML for writing tags in your code. Click on the pencil on the top left to find a teacher's manual.

Grades 8-12

CodeChef for Schools

Compete in monthly competitions with other coders from around the globe! Sign up for free, then choose Get Started and select one of the projects to begin. Use the practice area to hone students’ skills from the beginner to the challenge level.

Grades 3-12

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an organization founded to help close the gender gap in technology. They offer several programs that allow girls to explore coding with peers. Click on Programs to find ready-to-go activities to share with your students.

Grades 9-12


FreeCodeCamp offers self-paced training in coding for high school students and practice-building projects from nonprofit sources. The site includes hundreds of challenges featuring many different types of coding programs.

Grades 2-12

Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorials

Use code to make your own Minecraft game or learn the basics of computer coding by moving characters through a Minecraft world in these Hour of Code activities. Free resources include a lesson plan, videos, teacher training, and a science curriculum.

Grades K-12

Cracking The Code - Coding in the Classroom

Find additional coding resources and activities in this TeachersFirst original article created by an experienced media specialist. Discover background information, books, web tools, activities, correlations to standards, and more.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Engage in some professional learning this week with an upcoming virtual workshop and our featured blog post. We are also sharing a curated list of resources related to Thanksgiving. 

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Tuesday, 11/21, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Coding in the Elementary Classroom

Coding is a skill for the future and a powerful learning tool in the present. This interactive session will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to introduce coding to young students while catering to the needs of diverse learners.

Explore hands-on coding activities suitable for the elementary classroom »

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Explore posts about coding

Infusing Technology Blog

Search our blog to find post related to coding that connect to your lessons. Many of the blog posts offer additional web resources and ideas you can use during Hour of Code week and beyond.

Discover more coding activities to try »

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Find tools to share with your class

Thanksgiving Resources for the Classroom

Explore this curated collection of seasonal resources and activities! Teach your students about the "true" Thanksgiving story, help them learn about Native Americans, take them on a virtual trip to Plimouth Plantation, and more with these free resources.

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