October 20, 2019

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Resources for ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD Awareness Month is recognized every October with events and activities across the world. This week we feature an eclectic mix of resources to support ADHD learners. 

Grades 1-12


Learn more about ADHD at this comprehensive site offering free webinars, articles for teachers and students, highlights of current research, and more. Teachers won't want to miss the tab at the top titled "How We Help." Share this on your class site.

Grades 1-12


Discover the strengths and interests of your students, based on 23 factors and developed for students. You will receive a profile that is personal, positive, and celebrates each student's strengths and unique talents. The site also includes activities.

Grades 8-12

Genes to Cognition

Select a topic to learn more about including autism, ADHD, and depression. Information is color-coded to make searching for specific items easier. The site also includes a 3-D brain and teacher features with classroom-related standards.

Tools to Promote Literacy

Reading and writing are fundamental for all students. Discover three unique literacy tools useful in various grade levels and subjects. 

Grades K-12

Immersive Reader

This free Microsoft Learning Tool truly makes learning more accessible for all: adjust the playback speed, highlight text during the audio reading, adjust text size and spacing, listen to the pronunciation, and turn on an illustrated dictionary.

Grades 5-12


Start writing with no distractions. Choose a length of time to write and then begin writing. Students will stay focused because if they stop for more than 5 seconds all of their writing disappears! Finished work can be saved to your device.

Grades 6-12


Simplify reading and summarize text for your students. Copy and paste text, PDF's, websites, or online articles into the text box or upload a PDF file. Choose the number of sentences for the summary, then click the summarize box to view the summary.

Focused and Learning

From removing distractions to controlling classroom noise levels to managing classroom behaviors, this trio helps students remain more focused in the classroom.

Grades K-8


Keep track of the sound level in your classroom using this virtual "noise" thermometer. This colorful tool is simple to set up and use, and easy for students to understand. Hook up a microphone and watch the tool respond to the noise level in your class.

Grades K-12

Safe YouTube Videos

Remove the distractions and ads from YouTube videos. Paste the URL of a YouTube link into the bar to generate a safe view link and begin viewing. Put this on your classroom computers to avoid students following the ads rather than the video content.

Grades K-8


Manage behavior and boost involvement. Student behavior records are easily created, updated, and reports generated with just one click. Include comments about why a student lost (or received) a point and have automated weekly summaries emailed to parents.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Fall professional learning continues this week with an OK2Ask® virtual workshop on Tuesday and a thought-provoking post on the power of play from our Infusing Technology blog. And, please take a moment to answer this week's poll about tools to help students stay focused.

  3 Cool Tools for Literacy in the Primary Classroom (K-2) image

OK2Ask Free, Quality Virtual Workshops

3 Cool Tools for Literacy in the Primary Classroom (K-2)

Join our edtech coaches and your peers this Tuesday (10/22) for a hands-on, virtual workshop. We will explore three, free, educational tools to support literacy instruction in the primary grades and learn to use tech tools to support student learning.

Register to learn about digital tools for building literacy »

  Have You Heard? Play is our brain's favorite way of learning image

Infusing Technology Blog

Have You Heard? Play is our brain's favorite way of learning

Dig into this blog post discussing the impact of the age of high-stakes testing. Many schools are pushing traditional academics and reducing play-related activities including art, physical education, and recess. Discover ways to bring play back.

Read about the importance of play »

  Weekly Poll image

How do you keep students focused?

Weekly Poll

This week our poll relates to keeping your students focused. What kind of tools do you use to keep your class focused? Participate in our quick poll and see how other educators respond.

Tell us which tools you use to help keep students focused »

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