October 23, 2022

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Celebrate TeenTober!

TeenTober™ is a nationwide celebration held every October that’s hosted by libraries around the country. The purpose of TeenTober is to celebrate teens and encourage year-round teen services both in and out of the library for reading materials, technology, and other support. To celebrate, we are sharing a collection to help teens find new books to read and innovative strategies that connect literature to the secondary curriculum. 

Grades 6-12


Visit the homepage for TeenTober to find reading-related activities that will get your students engaged and excited to read! Be sure to sign up to receive updates from TeenTober.

Grades K-12

WAR TO END ALL WARS - Looking at World War I Through the Eyes of Literature

Between the Allies and the Central Powers, more than 30 nations declared war during World War I. This article offers curriculum connections for all ages, including books, activities, and websites that give students a clear picture of this time in history.

Grades K-12

Reading Treks: Make Learning a Journey

TeachersFirst Reading Treks use Google Maps to offer a virtual field trip of resources (and many extension activities) related to a piece of literature. Use the grade level search option to find reading materials and resources for your students.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst CurriConnects

Build student literacy skills, reinforce the place of curriculum concepts in other contexts, and help students build the critical reading strategy of connecting what they read to prior knowledge using these books related to curriculum or subject areas.

Grades 4-12


Wottaread is paradise to lovers of fantasy books and includes the latest information on new book series and film adaptations, book lists, and more. Skim the site for book series’ proper reading order, author interviews, and suggestions for similar books.

Grades K-12

Library of Congress Read.gov

Discover contests, online books, book lists, and more. The extensive webcast section is perfect for sharing with the entire class or as part of a blended or flipped lesson. Authors include John Grisham, R.L. Stine, and others.

Grades K-12

Read Kiddo Read

James Patterson put together this engaging site full of inspiration, book suggestions, author interviews, and more for educators and students of all ages. Within age levels, search by categories like fantasy and other worlds and real-world fiction.

Grades 4-12

Adolescent Literacy

The focus of this site is to encourage better literacy and reading enjoyment among pre-teens and adolescents. Don't miss the Spanish language version of the main topics, available as an A-to-Z list by clicking En Español on the left side of the screen.

Grades 7-12


This site, initiated by author Steve Alten, uses books to excite reluctant readers with good stories while incorporating technology in the lessons. The books include a finance nonfiction book to help teens prepare for their futures.

Grades 3-12

Américas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

View this collection of outstanding books by Hispanic and Latino authors or about Hispanic and Latino themes for children and young people. Search categories such as civil rights, artists, musicians and writers, immigration, and Latino countries.

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Tuesday, 10/25, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Build Community in Your Classroom with Tech Tools

Take time to focus on supporting and facilitating students’ sense of belonging in the classroom. Join us to explore tools to help students communicate and collaborate, support their social and emotional needs, and build a safe and inclusive environment.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Classic Children’s Literature and Classroom Reading Lists

Modernizing traditional reading lists for diverse learners is an issue many educators are currently debating. This blog post will help you analyze the books you are considering for use in your classroom and find books to which your students can relate.

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