October 25, 2020

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Our Microsoft Teams series continues this week with a session about creating assignments and providing feedback! Don’t forget to also check out the two additional workshops in this series that cover more advanced functions of Microsoft Teams.
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Financial Literacy for Your Instruction

October 29th is the 91st anniversary of Black Tuesday, the height of the historic 1929 stock market crash that began the Great Depression and changed the global economy for years to come. Money matters—use the resources below to educate your students about finances, money, and the stock market.

Grades 9-12

WeTheEconomy - 20 Short Films You Can't Afford to Miss

Discover this creative, well-organized collection of short films (5-8 minutes) designed to explain 20 key concepts that informed citizens need to understand. Topics includs the economy, money, the role of government, globalization, and inequality.

Grades 10-12

Paying for College

Take a glance at this site offering an overview of student loans and how they work. It also provides important consumer information. Gain some simple money management tips and learn how banking can help students begin saving today.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Book List - Money, Money, Money

Navigate this book collection about entrepreneurs, consumer skills, finance, savings, shop-owners, and real people in the world of economics and consumerism. This is a great match for units on money at any level.

Game-Based Learning Tools

In this section, we share a collection of game-based learning tools to engage students in their discovery of finance, money, and the economy. 

Grades 8-12

Economic Games

Engage your students in more than 40 multiplayer games and 14 simulations about economics and money. Game topics vary from price discrimination to an introduction to the stock market. All activities include complete details and an introductory demo.

Grades 8-12

Wall Street Survivor

Teach your students about the stock market and the world of finance without spending a penny. Create a free account to access free courses and stock market simulations. Set up your own practice portfolios for a no-risk option to dabble in stock trading.

Grades 6-12

The Bean Game

Try this game in the classroom or during virtual learning on a video call. Learn to manage money while having fun living on a 20-bean "salary" using this printable game. Use the directions and discussion questions to play two rounds and then discuss.

Lessons to Teach about Money Matters

Discover a treasure trove of lesson plans, classroom activities, learning interactives, and more to teach your students about money, savings, and other finance topics. 

Grades K-6

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Skim this financial literacy program developed for use with students in grades K-6. Animated videos offer lessons on saving and earning money, entrepreneurship, and charity. Each lesson includes classroom activity guides and correlation to standards.

Grades 5-12

People's Pie

Take the front seat in this simulation where you control all of the U.S. Government's money. Set taxes to fund government programs and the age for citizens to receive entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare. Try to keep the citizens happy.

Grades K-12

Rich Kid, Smart Kid

Engage students with financial concepts and tips to start on the right financial footing for a secure future. There are several activities, divided by grade level, about debt, making a profit, and investing assets. Lesson plans are included.

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Microsoft Teams: Assignments & Feedback

Our Microsoft Teams series continue this Thursday. Use Microsoft Teams to create formative and summative assignments and plan to use a rubric to offer students effective feedback. Learn how to create assignments for your class.

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  Tech Tool of the Month: The Stock Market Game image

A finance game for grades 4–12

Tech Tool of the Month: The Stock Market Game

Read this blog post all about the Stock Market Game, an online simulation for grades 4–12 to learn about investing, economics, personal finance, and financial literacy. The site offers competition for teams to compete around the world.

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