October 3, 2021

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Featured EDTECH Resources Reviewed by TeachersFirst

Social media can be a powerful learning tool. Attend this week’s FREE OK2Ask workshop to learn about social media practice spaces, then join our Twitter chat to discuss strategies and tools for teaching social media literacy!

Fall in Love with Learning this October

October is rich with historical events, including the birth of two famous Roosevelts, the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, and the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Read all about these topics in the collections shared this week. 

Remember Theodore Roosevelt

As we approach the anniversary of his birthday, introduce your students to Teddy Roosevelt using this collection of reviewed resources about US presidents. Each reviewed resource includes tech integration ideas for your lessons.

Discover and learn more about US presidents »

Recognize Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn about the life and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt (born in October 1884). Share these resources about the Roosevelts, including some about former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, with your students.

Get inspired by the words and works of Eleanor Roosevelt »

Explore the Statue of Liberty

Dedicated on October 28, 1886 and designated as a national monument in 1924, The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from France to the people of the US. This collection of resources shares information about the statue and other landmarks.

Read all about Lady Liberty »

Stock Market Crash of 1929

Take a look at this list of resources you can use to explore the meticulous details of the stock market in your lessons. Learn about how the stock market works, the crash of 1929, and how to invest wisely. Find information for all grade levels.

Enhance your financial literacy lessons with these resources »

This Week at TeachersFirst

We’re excited to invite you to participate in a global collaboration project (XW1W) and also our geography-based Globetracker US mission (read details about both)! Engage in some professional learning this week with an upcoming OK2Ask virtual workshop, Twitter chat, and featured blog post. Discover books to share with your students during TeenTober. Finally, don't forget to share your thoughts in our weekly poll!. 

  Across the World Once a Week image

Make global connections

Across the World Once a Week

Make connections beyond your classroom and try out this simple, social way for students to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals from students around the world. Your class is presented with one question per week to answer about where you live.

Explore the details about XW1W and join the journey starting this week »

  Globetracker's Mission image

Join the mission

Globetracker's Mission

Take your students on a virtual choose-your-own-adventure geography journey around the regions of the United States. Engage your students in stories about main characters Meri and Geo. Learn geography terms, see landmarks, and practice map skills.

Read the introduction to the mission »

  TeenTober Reading  image

Take your teens on a reading adventure

TeenTober Reading

TeenTober is a nationwide celebration every October. Libraries aim to celebrate teens, promote the services offered to them at the library, and highlight books specifically for teen readers. Find some new teen reading in our collection of Reading Treks.

Reading Treks take students on a reading journey to different places and times »

  OK2Ask: Social Media Literacy - Purposeful Practice in Every Classroom image

Tuesday, 10/5, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Social Media Literacy - Purposeful Practice in Every Classroom

While students intuitively understand the mechanics of social media platforms, using them in a responsible, purposeful way to build influence is not instinctual and must be taught and practiced. Join this session to learn innovative strategies.

Understand the purpose of using social media practice spaces as part of regular instruction »

  Twitter Chat: Social Media Literacy image

Thursday, 10/7, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Social Media Literacy

Come and tweet with us using the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst. During this chat, participants will discuss the impact of social media on media literacy skills and identify the main purpose and objectives of media literacy.

Explore social media literacy strategies and resources »

  Lets Talk About: Social Media Practice Spaces image

Infusing Technology Blog

Lets Talk About: Social Media Practice Spaces

As teachers, we have a responsibility to prepare students as best we can. This blog post discusses no-tech strategies, low-tech options, and other ideas you can use to teach your students safe media literacy practices.

Read about social media practice spaces »

  Weekly Poll image

XW1W - Get Global

Weekly Poll

This week, our poll asks, "Are you going to participate in Across the World Once Per Week and the global collaboration?" We do hope that you will learn more about this cool way to connect with classrooms around the country and the world!

Use XW1W to bring the Sustainable Development Goals into your lessons »

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