October 8, 2023

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Learn about Cultures through World Food Day

World Food Day, celebrated on October 16th, is a global initiative to help raise awareness about the importance of combating worldwide hunger and creating sustainable food systems. Leverage the resources shared this week in your lessons to help your students learn more about food and cultures worldwide. 

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Grades 6-12

Cheeses of France

Do you know how many varieties of cheese there are in France? Learn about the three families of cheese: pressed, soft, and blue cheeses. Explore this delicious site with your class to discover the rich tradition that cheese has in the history of France.

Grades 8-12

Cornell Garden-Based Learning

Check out “Food Gardening with Justice in Mind,” a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in food gardening that emphasizes sustainability, social justice, and community engagement. Discover practical lessons and resources.

Grades 9-12

Food Fight

Share Food Fight, a five-minute stop-motion film illustrating the history of American warfare from World War II until the present, with your students. The film uses food products emblematic of each culture to represent the conflict.

Grades 3-9

Oxfam's Education Resources

Find an extensive list of free resources that will help students learn about global issues and give them the materials and activities they need to think critically and act responsibly. Take advantage of the topic “Where Food Comes From.”

Grades 6-12

A Looming Plague: The Fight to Contain a New Locust Invasion

This CNN interactive shows how locusts threaten food security in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The interactive also takes viewers through a timeline of extreme weather events that have lead to the threat to African crops.

Grades K-6

Kid World Citizen

Kid World Citizen offers many resources that encourage kids to become global learners and thinkers. Explore the food category to learn about dishes from Peru, India, China, and other locations worldwide. Find recipes and activities.

Grades 4-12

Produce Oasis

The site offers healthy recipes, seasonal information, history, and nutritional and dietary data about your favorite fruits and vegetables! Choose one of the categories from the menu on the right to begin your culinary adventure.

Grades 3-9

Kids Web Japan

Use this site to introduce school-aged students worldwide to Japan! Scroll down the main page for information about Japanese festival street food, Japanese candy, and more.

Grades K-7

Disney Healthy Living - Kids

Learn more about food and energy by watching videos and enjoying activities related to balancing food, portion control, recipes, healthy habits (proper hand-washing), and exercise to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The videos include captions and audio.

Grades 1-6


Popcorn! offers a bowlful of information on this universally-loved snack. Learn the history behind the food, and share the games, trivia, arts and crafts, printables, reading and math lessons, science and health lessons, and a booklist with your students.

This Week at TeachersFirst

We invite you to join us for our next OK2Ask virtual workshop this Tuesday. We are also excited to share information about Globetracker's Mission (a geographical choose-your-own-adventure story) and a new blog post.

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Tuesday, 10/10, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Empowering Multilingual Learners with Dynamic Writing Tools

Learn how to use free technology tools to help emerging multilingual learners with writing. This interactive virtual workshop will explore various tools and strategies to spice up your writing instruction and make it more effective and engaging.

Understand how technology tools can facilitate student agency and autonomy in writing »

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Join the Mission

Globetracker's Mission

Take your students on a virtual, choose-your-own-adventure geography journey around the regions of the United States. Engage your students in stories about main characters Meri and Geo and learn geography terms, see landmarks, and practice map skills.

Read the introduction to the mission »

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Infusing Technology Blog

Let’s Talk about World Food Day

View this new blog post to gather ideas for getting students involved in and understanding the value and purpose of World Food Day. Discover how World Food Day supports the Sustainable Development Goals and other curricular connections.

Learn more about World Food Day »

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