September 10, 2023

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International Dot Day - September 15th

International Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity, confidence, courage, and collaboration for all ages. This unique event began on September 15, 2009, when educator Terry Shay shared the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds with his class. Read the story to your students, then use the resources shared this week to help them learn the power of creativity and how just one tiny dot can make a difference and impact the world.    

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Grades K-12

International Dot Day

Become part of a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration on International Dot Day. Explore this site to find posters, badges, pictures of Dot Day in action, and more. Remember to follow International Dot Day on social media!

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Digital Storytelling Resources

Creating a digital story allows students to work collaboratively and creatively. This collection includes resources for all grades, many of which have additional accessibility features for multilingual students or emergent readers.

Grades K-12

Tech Made EZ with Adobe Express for Education (On Demand)

Ignite creativity and learning with Adobe Express for Education. This on-demand virtual workshop shows how students can create posters, presentations, images, animations, web pages, videos, and more to demonstrate their knowledge construction skills.

Grades K-12

Twitter Chat: Inspire Creativity with Canva

View this Wakelet to read the archive of a Twitter chat. Learn strategies for using Canva as a creative teaching and collaboration tool, explore its features, and get ideas about how to use Canva to empower students in your classroom.

Grades 2-6

Recycle and Repurpose

Discover a world of creativity and sustainability with Recycle and Repurpose! This lesson aims to introduce students to instruments made with recycled materials and includes two books, a video, and guided discussions.

Grades 3-9

The Wonderment

Enjoy and challenge creativity and problem-solving skills in a world of wonder. Kids determine the subject of interest by choosing to follow many different paths. View a video, story, or idea, then design a response using text, photos, or a video.

Grades 1-12

Creative Educator

Creative Educator offers articles, lesson plans, resources, and a variety of ways to put creativity into your curriculum. Explore topics like creativity, digital storytelling, 21st century classrooms, project-based learning, and STEM.

Grades 3-12

Google Doodles

Inspire creativity by sharing this gallery of Google Doodles. Click About on the top menu to learn the background of the project, then view Doodles from newest to oldest in the Doodle Archive. Click the information icon for more details.

Grades K-5

I Am an Artist

Students can click on a strand on this site to draw, construct, print, and create with paint, color, clay, or fabric and fiber. Click on a strand to view short videos (about six minutes long) designed to keep your students' attention.

Grades 4-12


Use this site to go beyond rote answers and bring creativity into your literature lessons. Choose skills from drop boxes, identify one or two stories to analyze/compare, choose your thinking skills, and decide on the final product.

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We are excited to invite you to register for a new season of OK2Ask virtual workshops! We are also sharing a related blog post to help you learn more ways to infuse creativity in your lessons by using Big Huge Labs! 

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Fall OK2Ask

Register now for our fall OK2Ask sessions! This season of free virtual workshops includes "Generating Formative and Summative Assessments using AI," "Tech Made EZ with ClassTools," and several other exciting topics.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Tech Tool of the Month: Big Huge Labs

Skim this blog post related to Big Huge Labs, an online tool that allows students to create personalized content using images and their own text. Big Huge Labs includes over 20 tools to develop a magazine cover, trading cards, maps, and more!

Share student creativity using Big Huge Labs »

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