September 17, 2023

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September is National College Savings Month

Recognize the importance of saving for college, trade school, and other post-high school education in September. This week, we are sharing resources to help your students in all grades learn financial literacy skills. 

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Grades K-6

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

These animated videos provide lessons on saving and earning money, entrepreneurship, and charity. Each lesson includes classroom activity guides that provide complete details, and several also have family activity guides.

Grades K-12

Money As You Grow

Money as You Grow provides 20 essential, age-appropriate financial lessons that kids need to know as they grow. Lessons include corresponding activities and are divided into different categories based on age requirements.

Grades 2-12

Education for the Real World

Skim through this free digital curriculum that helps students develop real-world skills through interactive, game-based lessons. Select the financial education topic and view the courses, which each include a summary and grade-level suggestions.

Grades 2-12


Practice prioritizing spending with these real-world financial literacy simulations, interactives, and choose-your-own-adventure-style situations. There are three levels: Banzai Jr (grades 3–7), Banzai Teen (grades 6–12), and Banzai Plus (ages 13+).

Grades 4-12

Hands On Banking

Learn about basic money tools and other financial matters with Hands On Banking. Courses for kids, teens, and adults cover topics like using credit, budgeting, and smart investing. Check out the Practitioner area to find many online activities.

Grades 6-9


FutureSmart is an interactive personal finance course designed for students in grades 6–8. The three-and-a-half-hour course correlates to National Standards and covers various topics, including budgeting, goal-setting, and planning for the future.

Grades 6-11

Free Money Basics Tutorial

This thirteen-step tutorial covers financial literacy skill topics such as money management, banking, and retirement planning. It isn't necessary to use the lessons in order, but it would help since they build upon one another.

Grades 6-12

The Bean Game

This printable game helps students manage money while having fun living on a 20-bean salary. Use the directions and discussion questions to play two rounds of the game. This low-tech resource is a great way to learn about money.

Grades 6-12

Budgeting Tools

Create and explore different budgeting options using this online tool. View proposed options in several categories like housing, food, and personal expenses, then adjust your budget as desired to view various proposals and outcomes. Print your final budge

Grades 7-12

FutureLearn for Schools

Discover various free online courses for students aged 13 and older offered by leading universities. Choose a category to begin browsing topics, including finances or money. Share this site with your older students.

Grades 9-12

Financial Literacy Resources

This resource offers financial lessons targeted at multilingual learners, but serves as an excellent unit for any student who wants to learn about money management! The seven lesson plans include managing money, credit, debt, banking, and more.

Grades 9-12


Mint is a free money management site that features several tools for budgeting and tracking finances. Connect to virtually any financial organization and receive real-time updates. Mint analyzes your financial information and provides tips for saving.

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