September 8, 2019

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We The People . . . Celebrate Constitution Day

This Constitution Day (9/17) teach students about the U.S. Constitution with free, teacher-reviewed classroom resources for all grades.

Grades K-12

Constitution Day Resources

Find the perfect resources to share with your students in this curated list of the "best" Constitution Day websites that TeachersFirst has discovered! Find an assortment of information and tools for all grades.

Grades K-12

Constitution Day by National Constitution Center

Peruse this large collection of lesson plans, interactives, audio visual activities, unit plans, and resources for students, all related to Constitution Day. Don't miss the FREE Constitution Day Classroom Celebration Kit (posters and apps)!

Grades 5-12

Constitution Day by

The name may look similar to the listing above, but both offerings are worth checking out! Find a copy of the Constitution, a list of Constitution Day events, and links to information about the founding fathers and amendments to the Constitution.

Grades 4-12

Constitution Day Vocabulary

Explore these interactive activities using Constitution-related vocabulary words. You will find printable crosswords, fill in the blanks and more, all using Constitution-themed words. Use this site to make learning vocabulary engaging and fun for all.

Read All About It . . . Constitution, Civics, and Government

Dig into this trio of reading resources. From virtual timelines to booklists, find something for all levels to read and learn together. 

Grades 6-12

Interactive Constitution

Dissect the Constitution. Begin by selecting an article or amendment to view the wording contained in the Constitution along with at least one feature discussing the specific impact of that piece. Each article also features Matters of Debate (two sides).

Grades K-6

Highlighting Our History: American Revolution Read-alouds

Leverage the power of daily read-alouds to practice English Language Arts standards, while infusing social studies content, specifically the Revolutionary period. Book collections are divided by grade level and include activities!

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Book List: By the People

Read with your students this collection of books about what it means to be a citizen, how our government works, and the tough decisions that people make. Find fiction and informational text about voting, creating laws, enforcing laws, and other topics.

Civics Lessons for All

Looking for some ready-to-go lesson plans and activities to teach Civics in your class? These three tools each offer a unique collection for the classroom. 

Grades K-12

What So Proudly We Hail

Choose from 1200 free civics resources and lessons based on short stories, songs, and speeches. Select the resources tab to access and filter content. The many options allow you to filter by grade level, topic, state standards, and much more.

Grades 5-12

Center for Civic Education

There are a few must-see areas of this gem: 60 Second Civics offers a daily podcast accompanied by a short question, the Resources tab shares many lesson plans for all grade levels (sorted by grade), and More Lesson Plans offers even more to discover.

Grades 5-10


iCivics features several engaging interactives on civics topics, democracy, branches of government, citizenship, elections and campaigns, and the constitution. There are also detailed lessons about the judicial, executive, and legislative branches.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Let's pause to remember and to teach the next generation about September 11th. Register now for Fall OK2Ask Virtual Workshops. And, learn more about Deep Learning and the 6Cs. 

  Remembering 9/11 image

18 years ago

Remembering 9/11

Today's K12 students weren't even born when 9/11 occurred. As educators, it is imperative that we teach students about the events of this fateful day. Find age-appropriate resources to share with your class from this curated list.

Explore 9/11 resources »

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Learn strategies for Deep Learning

What’s the Buzz: The 6C’s

Are you familiar with Deep Learning (or the 6Cs)? Read about strategies for infusing the six skills (character education, citizenship, creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking) into your teaching and learning.

Discover lessons, ideas, and strategies for fostering the 6Cs »

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Register today

9 Upcoming Virtual Workshops

We are excited to share our Fall 2019 OK2Ask schedule. Registration is open for Digital Storytelling 101, Transform Your Lesson Plans with Triple E and TeachersFirst, Facts Are Facts...Aren’t They?, and much more. Earn certificates of participation.

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When do you teach about the three branches?

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks: What grade does your school begin to teach about the three branches of the US Government? Share your reply and view how other educators answered by participating in our weekly poll.

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