Evaluating student-centered activities (more on rubrics and rubric-making tools here)

Create your own rubric for this mini-unit, including the following items as assigned by you and with appropriate pint values:

  • “Art imitates life.” Examples and explanations
  • Renaissance Characteristics with examples
  • Participation in class graphic organizer
  • Reflection and new examples
  • Bibliography of sources for all of the above

Note that the "quiz" is a self-scoring device for students to check their own understanding and serves as a prompt for the reflection. If you wish to have more of a formal "quiz" to conclude this unit, consider using some of the best examples found and explained by the students to create a new, projected "quiz" which students can respond to on paper or electronically. If the examples are located on the class wiki, simply copy/paste the images to a new page and inactivate the ones with student "answers" as you allow student to access the quiz page you have made. If they are in hard copy, arrange them around the room--without explanations-- for students to look at and write in their quizzes as they circulate.

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