SC Student Edition - Part 3

Your class discussion settled on a list of characteristics of the Renaissance and put them in a graphic organizer.

If art truly does imitate life, it should be possible to find examples of the Renaissance characteristics in artwork from that time period. Analyze this Renaissance painting School of Athens by Raphael. Describe evidence of each characteristic as it appears in the painting. Write your explanation on paper or on your wiki page, as assigned by your teacher.


Humanism -


Individualism -


Classicism - Here's a hint: Plato and Aristotle are pictured at center


Secularism -


Does this painting look realistic? Why or why not?


Once you complete your analysis of this painting, work together with your group to locate an example of art that shows the characteristic(s) assigned by your teacher from the class graphic organizer. On your group's wiki page (or poster/display you create from copies and print outs), include both the exact link to the work of art and your explanation of how it displays the characteristic(s). Your project or wiki page MUST have complete bibligraphy information for your sources and images.

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