Lincoln Lesson Idea: Penny President

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Elementary

Subjects - Social Studies, Math, Character Education

Students will practice basic counting and addition skills as they calculate money donated.

Have a school "Pennies for Lincoln" contest. Challenge every class to bring in their pennies. Use this fundraiser to benefit a specific non-profit organization, such as a library project for Lincoln's 200th birthday or another organization which Lincoln would have supported. Have students do weekly "counts" of their pennies. Use this counting to practice basic numbers, addition, multiplication, money skills, and more. Offer a prize to the winning class such as 200 pieces of chocolate or a healthy snack (not to all be eaten the same day, of course) or 200 minutes of recess (throughout the week of Lincoln's birthday).

Thanks to inspiration from this site for ideas offered here in significantly altered form.

Give parents a few weeks notice about this collection, so they can start saving up their pennies!

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