Lincoln Lesson Idea: Mapping Out The Life Of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Geography, Government

Students will analyze and research geographical locations with connections to Abraham Lincoln.

Have your students work in cooperative learning groups to research and create a map of Lincoln's life (using MapSkip and important events in his lifetime. Where was he born? Where did he live throughout his life? Mapskip allows students to write information (or fictional stories) on the map. Have the groups present their maps using an interactive whiteboard or projector.

Membership to Mapskip requires an email address and user name. If you want students to use the tool but they are not allowed to access email at school, you may want to create your own Gmail account with up to 20 subaccounts for each group of students (by code name or number) within your classes. Here is a blog post that tells how to set up GMail subaccounts to use for any online membership service.

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MapSkip Read the TeachersFirst review

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