Lincoln Lesson Idea: If Not For Lincoln....

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Geography, Government

Students will organize a list of local locations that share a connection to Lincoln's legacy.

Have students work in cooperative learning groups (or as a class) to list LOCAL places that would not be the way they are without Lincoln's Legacy. Possible sites could be a local library (since ALL Americans are free to learn to read and attend school), a mint where they make Lincoln pennies, a courthouse that defends the rights of all races, or even an Underground Railroad house! Anything that students can demonstrate has a connection back to Lincoln's influences and legacy - "If not for Lincoln....." Have students add new ideas during the month of February. Invite them to ask their parents for more ideas, see how many ideas/locations the students can list.

You may want to list this activity on your class website so parents can get involved, even if their student "forgets" to mention it!

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