Mathematical Montgomery Bus - Grades K-2 - Part 2



Unifix cubes
Mathematical Montgomery Bus
Mathematical Montgomery Bus Recording page -(1st grade can begin with K-1and the
next day use 1-2, 2nd grade can begin with 1-2 and progress to 2-3 where they can show all their own equations.)
Pencils or markers

Mathematical Montgomery Bus recording pages: Grades K-1, - Grades 1-2, - Grades 2-3

Today we'll take our busses out and play some story math, we're going for a ride so listen very carefully. I may try to trick you by asking questions in a differentway sometimes. We'll be following the direction that the dice tell us to do and you'll be filling up the bus with unifix cubes and recording the answer on the Mathematical
Montgomery Bus Recording Page.

Remember, there is always a bus driver on the bus. At the first stop (roll dice) __________ people get on the bus. How many people are on the bus now? Draw your answer in the square that says "Stop #1". Write the number in the blank space in the sentence '______ people are on the bus'.

At the second stop (roll dice) __________ people get on the bus. How many RIDERS
are on the bus? Did I trick you? Record how many people are on the bus

(Teacher continues asking questions progressing to using one die for # of people getting off and one die for # of new people getting on after the bus fills up. K children can draw their recordings, 1st grade can begin by drawing their recordings and filling in the sentence and then write the equations. 2nd grade can write the equations. An extension for 2nd grade is to have "people with their babies" get on who will sit on their lap, and thus the cubes will be stacked, teacher can explain complex equation such as 2x5 people get on and 2x2 people get off or #people on bus + (2x5) - (2x2). This is how a real mathematician would write it.)