Breaking Color Barriers - A Science Unit for Grades 3-4



Have the class divide up into groups of 4. Ask them not to touch the eggs until you instruct them to, remind them to be ever so careful with the eggs. Ask the adult volunteers to walk around the group with 4 eggs placed in the glass bowls. The adults hand the children the bowls while the teacher records the children's responses to the following questions.

Please handle the eggs very carefully, we will be breaking them, but not yet.

Can anyone describe what is in these bowls?
What's different about these eggs?
Do they smell different?
Do they feel different?
If you hold one up to the light does it look any different?
Use a magnifying glass to see if they look any different up close?
Let's read what we've observed so far.
(Teacher reads what has been written on the board)
Is it possible there is a difference between these two kinds of eggs that we can't see, feel or smell?
Can you guess how we'll find out?

I'm going to give you a each a paper and I want you to draw/write to predict what you think will be inside the eggs.

Have the students work in groups of 4, each group will need a bowl for cracking, two brown eggs, and two white eggs. Each group must complete the activity using the Scientific Method of Investigation printable. Clearly tell the children not to taste the raw eggs and to wash their hands after touching the eggs.