Listening to a Vision - K-2

This lesson uses an oral reading of the life and writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., incorporating a discussion to boost listening skills. Vocabulary words are taken from the "I Have A Dream" speech. The lesson emphasizes the power of words over violence, and the culminating research project promotes awareness of many different individual struggles for equality and respect.

Can anyone tell me about Martin Luther King?
What did he do that made him a person to honor?
Does anyone know why we celebrate his birthday?
What day is his birthday?


Read one of the following children's books (or a similar offering available in your school library):

"Happy Birthday Martin Luther King," by Jean Marzollo
"I Have A Dream," by Martin Luther King (ASIN 0887418953)
"Martin's Big Words: the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King," by Doreen Rappaport

Allow students time to respond and react to the story of Dr. King.

Use the Word Bank for Grade 1 or Grade 2 to highlight words that may be unfamiliar.