Pilgrim at Tinker Creek - A response journal

Created for TeachersFirst by Brenda Walton, Ed.D.

Chapter 2 - Seeing

On page 17 Dillard tells us flat out-- "I've been thinking about seeing." One important motif in the book is that of seeing.

Written response #4 Personal response to Dillard's writing (250 words)

Skim back through this chapter. Mark or highlight some of the things that Dillard reports "seeing." Describe and react to several.

On page 27 Dillard tells us, "I chanced on a wonderful book by Marius von Senden, called Space and Sight." This is one of many references to often obscure, erudite and rather "random" books, articles, philosophies and theories that Dillard seems to have "chanced" upon. In truth, however, it soon becomes apparent that Annie Dillard reads as well as sees!

Written response # 5 -- Personal response to Dillard's writing (250 words)

What did you think of Dillard's many scholarly references? Comment on the breadth of Dillard's reading and then think about your own reading habits, patterns and interests. What do you read for fun? Do you have a list of favorite authors or experts that you rely upon? Do you have a personal philosophy? What "learned" people do you trust? Begin a list of books you want to read. Be ready to share.