Pilgrim at Tinker Creek - A response journal

Created for TeachersFirst by Brenda Walton, Ed.D.

Chapter 4 - The Fixed

This chapter begins once more with a reference to "learning to see." Dillard continually challenges us to begin to observe and appreciate the world around us. Dillard, in this chapter, gives us more information about the praying mantis than perhaps we ever wanted to know... First, notice her description of the creature on page 56. Notice this description... "When a mantis has crunched up the last shred of its victim, it cleans its smooth green face like a cat." She continues chronically the gruesome habits of the mantis, culminating with the description from the writer Fabre of mantis mating. It probably won't be necessary for you to go back and re-read this part-- it is pretty unforgettable!

Written response #7 -- Personal response to Dillard's writing (250 words) Comment about the praying mantis!