Recommended Reading for grade 11.

Here is a list of books our teacher editors suggest for students in grade 11. Our selections include titles for both girls and boys who have a variety of interests. These selections include both "academic" and "recreational" reading suggestions. Check the synopsis for the book that might interest your student.

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - by Mark Twain

Mark Twain's tale of a young boy's journey on the Mississippi, and the people he meets on the way.

Alive - by Piers Paul Read

Two dozen rugby players must survive in the Andes mountains when their plane crashes.

All Quiet on the Western Front - by Erich Maria Remarque

This story of World War I ranks in the same class as Crane's Red Badge of Courage in its portrayal of both the horrors and ironies of war. It's a powerful tale that forces its readers to contemplate the terrible price of conflict.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - by Alden Carter

Mark and his diabetic cousin must survive in the wilderness.

The Crucible - by Arthur Miller

The Crystal Cave - by Mary Stewart

Explore the story of King Arthur in this fascinating re-telling by Mary Stewart.

Diary of a Young Girl - by Anne Frank

Anne Frank's diary of her time in hiding from the Germans is a classic of hope in a world of despair.

Doctor Zhivago - by Boris Pasternak

Set against the backdrop of the Bolshevik Revolution, this epic novel was made into a world famous movie. The novel's main character, Dr.Yury Zhivago, lives, loves, heals, and writes poetry in a world that is cruel and chaotic.

Dracula - by Bram Stoker

Here it is! The beginning of all those vampire stories. Stoker's classic look at the undead can still make you shiver! Perhaps we can say it never dies!

Ender's Game - by Orson Scott Card

Ender Wiggin is a genius of the future - a military genius who wins any war game thrown at him, but is he smart enough to save Earth from the aliens who have already attacked twice?

The Girl in Hyacinth Blue - by Susan Vreeland

The New York Times Bestseller that everyone's talking about! A mystery involving the works of the painter Vermeer told from an intriguing point of view.

Gone With the Wind - by Margaret Mitchell

The classic tale of love and rebellion during the Civil War. If you've never read it, now is the time! Meet Scarlet and Rhett and all the rest in this deservedly ever-so-famous book!

The Grapes of Wrath - by John Steinbeck

Steinbeck's stark novel about a family's migration from Oklahoma to California during the days of the dust bowl.

Into Thin Air - by Jon Krakauer

True accounting of a series of Mt. Everest expeditions that go awry in fickle weather.

Macbeth - by William Shakespeare

Murder and foul play abound in Shakespeare's classic tragedy set in the moors of Scotland.

The Merchant of Venice - by William Shakespeare

Metamorphosis - by Franz Kafka

And what would you do if you awoke one morning and discovered you'd been turned into a gigantic, monstrous bug? That's exactly what happens to Gregor Samsa in this story. Check out this famous and intriguing philosophical nightmare!

Midsummer Night's Dream - by William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing - by William Shakespeare

The Night of the Grizzlies - by Jack Olsen

Accounting of fatal attacks in the national parks in 1968.

Othello - by William Shakespeare

A Prayer for Owen Meany - by John Irving

Do you believe in miracles? Owen Meany does.

Pride and Prejudice - by Jane Austen

Rabbit Run - by John Updike

Meet Harry Angstrom, star basketball player-and a whole lot more. Enjoy Updike's "poetic prose" in this classic work.

The Red Badge of Courage - by Stephen Crane

Crane's classic war novel examines important issues with the creation of his young hero, Henry Fleming.

Robinson Crusoe - by Daniel Defoe

The classic shipwreck story, told in great detail.

The Scarlet Letter - by Nathaniel Hawthorne

This novel of love, betrayal, prejudice and redemption, set in the American Puritan period, creates the unforgettable characters of Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingsworth.

Sophie's World - by Jostein Gaarder

Both a mystery and a crash course in world philosophy that is informative, fascinating and a compelling read.

The Story of My Life - by Helen Keller

The inspiring autobiography of Helen Keller, one of history's most courageous women.

The Taming of the Shrew - by William Shakespeare

Can a shrewish woman be wooed by a canny man seeking her dowry? The story of this volatile courtship is bound to entertain!

Teen Angst? Naaah . . . A Quasi-autobiography - by Ned Vizzini

A young man's memories of what growing up is really like.

The Tempest - by William Shakespeare

Their Eyes Were Watching God - by Zora Neil Hurston

Here you will meet Janie and watch as her life unfolds before you. Hurston's unique style, a combination of lyrical prose and pure dialect, take you back in time into the Florida of the mid-twentieth century. Unforgettable characters and images!

Tomorrow: When the War Began - by John Marsden

Australian high school students return from a wilderness trip and find that everything at home has changed.

Twelfth Night - by William Shakespeare

The Two Towers - by J. R. R. Tolkien

Tolkien was a contemporary of C. S. Lewis and a lover of Norse and Icelandic myths. This book continues Frodo's epic journey through Middle Earth.

Waiting to Exhale - by Terry McMillan

If you liked the movie you should try the book! A great story of friendship and its power.

Walk in the Woods - by Bill Bryson

A memoir of a thoughtful, sometimes hysterical walk along sections of the Appalachian Trail.

The Wives of Henry VIII - by Antonia Fraser

History buffs will enjoy Fraser's extraordinarily well written account of the unfortunate spouses of King Henry VIII.