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Whiteboard.chat - whiteboard.chat

K to 12
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Collaborate, share, teach, and interact with students using Whiteboard.chat. Use the teaching mode to create, assign, and teach live lessons. The teaching mode also includes uploading...more
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Collaborate, share, teach, and interact with students using Whiteboard.chat. Use the teaching mode to create, assign, and teach live lessons. The teaching mode also includes uploading a multipage PDF document and assigning multiple pages as workbooks to individual students. Use the collaborative method to work within a collaborative workspace with other users. After entering the teaching mode, use the toolbar to access drawing tools, upload images and documents, and manage the look and content of your board. Once students enter a whiteboard session using a shared code or link through Canvas or Google Classroom, they can download any shared workbook pages. Student tools include an area to raise their hand to receive help, request a break, indicate work is finished, or request to speed up or slow down the lesson. Observe students using the grid view that provides a thumbnail view of individual student whiteboards. Additional features include a timer, a list of participants, options to create breakout rooms, and settings to lock students from updating boards prematurely. Registration isn't required; however, it allows you to manage and save boards for later use.

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In the Classroom

Use Whiteboard.chat to collaborate with students to share and organize information instantly. This tool even allows educators to auto-correct all boards with a single click! Use the PDF document feature to differentiate instruction with groups of students or individuals. Use the breakout feature to conduct small group meetings or provide personalized instruction to individual students. Allow students to create collaborative drawings as responses to literature. They can map out the plot or themes, add labels, create character studies, and more. Have a group of students create a drawing so that another group can use it as a writing prompt. Use Whiteboard.com as a brainstorming or sketching space as groups (or the class) share ideas for a major project or for solving a real-world problem. Use this site in a computer lab (or on laptops) to draw the setting in a story as it is read aloud. As an assessment idea, have students draw out a simple cartoon with stick figures to explain a more complex process, such as how democracy works. If you are lucky enough to teach in a BYOD setting, have a blended classroom, or are distance teaching, use Whiteboard.chat to demonstrate and illustrate any concept while students use the chat and drawing tools to interact in real-time. If you are studying weather, have students diagram the layers of the atmosphere and what happens during a thunderstorm, for example. Introduce this tool to students who are working on group projects. Alternatively, have students use this to work as partners or as a small team within a breakout area to complete complex math problems or equations.

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