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Video: X (formerly Twitter) in Plain English - Common Craft

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Are you "twying" to understand the "tweet" world of X (formerly Twitter)? Watch this short (less than 3-minutes) video about the "Twerrific" world of X (formerlyTwitter). This social...more
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Are you "twying" to understand the "tweet" world of X (formerly Twitter)? Watch this short (less than 3-minutes) video about the "Twerrific" world of X (formerlyTwitter). This social networking site asks the question, "What are you doing?". This site shares how to use X (formerly Twitter) to stay connected. Despite a paid membership model, Common Craft still offers this video for free, but it does have a watermark saying, "For evaluation only." If you wish to share this with a group, they will need to view it on individual/partner computers (or IOS devices) or on a projector that has a zoom function to enlarge a selected area of the screen.
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In the Classroom

This is a great site for professional development and further understanding of the current microblogging "twend": X (formerly Twitter). Share this site on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Use X (formrly Twitter) in the Classroom (with parental permission). Have students create writing prompts and share them on X (formerly Twitter). Have your government students follow the "Twitter News" of politicians they can find on X (formely Twitter). Have students in science class follow the X (formerly Twitter) Feeds like Science News. Challenge students to create their own virtual collective X (formerly Twitter) scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless! You can also use X (formerly Twitter) as a springboard for discussions about the changes in the political landscape and society with the advent of social networking tools. Ask them: are there any negatives or cautions to sharing your life on X (formerly Twitter)?

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