April 10, 2022

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Get Up and Get Moving!

April is National Move More Month and a great time to teach healthy living lessons and encourage your students to exercise. Check out these ten resources to help you prepare lessons that motivate your students to move both in the classroom and throughout the day. 

Grades K-5


Based on cutting-edge research, GoNoodle promotes health, fitness, and mindfulness. These engaging games and activities (usually in short videos) provide bursts of movement, leading to improved focus and energy in the classroom or at home.

Grades K-2

Arthur Family Health

Come along with Arthur and friends and explore fitness, nutrition, resilience, and more. This site includes interactives, quizzes, video clips, tips for kids and adults, and other resources. There are also suggested books and a lesson plan for each topic.

Grades K-5

Healthy Hopping

Discover information on staying healthy by jump roping and eating healthy snacks. Learn how to do jump rope stunts and rhymes and games—perfect for recess breaks. Read about and share several snack ideas that provide energy and good nutrition.

Grades K-7

Disney Healthy Living - Kids

Use Disney's Healthy Living to help kids learn more about different foods and energy. Use videos and activities to learn about balancing food, portion control, recipes, healthy habits (including proper hand-washing), and exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Grades 1-7

BAM! Body and Mind

Make your fitness, safety, and disease prevention lessons more engaging for your students. Articles and interactives share kid-friendly information about food, nutrition, physical activity, safety, and the changing body and mind.

Grades K-12

Physical Education Update

Find more than 1,000 ideas and strategies for games and drills on this site. Although simple in appearance, this resource hosts a wealth of information for PE educators and includes videos, articles, and lesson ideas to try with your students.

Grades K-12

Sports Resources

This collection of reviewed resources connects sports to the curriculum. Find science, social studies, math, writing, and other resources in this curated list. Don't miss the classroom use suggestions for even more ideas to try!

Grades K-12

The Crossfit Kids Startup Curriculum

Check out the Crossfit Kids Startup Curriculum, a printable handbook with two months of physical training suggestions for students in grades K–12. There are also valuable checklists and developmental milestone information broken down by age.

Grades K-12

Shape America

Peruse this comprehensive site that offers information and guidelines for physical education, dance, and early childhood education. Click Standards & Guidelines to view related national standards for health, dance, physical education, and sports.

Grades K-12

Raising Fit Kids

Explore five different areas of health: food, move, recharge, healthy weight, and mood. The site offers a healthier approach to fitness than simply weight alone. Highlights include an age-appropriate BMI calculator, video clips, recipes, and articles.

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Join us this Tuesday for our next FREE virtual workshop! We are also sharing resources for Passover, which begins on Friday, April 15th. Don't miss our movement-related blog post, and be sure to give your input on our weekly poll. 

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If you want to learn more about GoNoodle, check out this fresh blog post that includes correlations to standards, frameworks, lesson ideas for many subject areas, and a step-by-step tutorial. View the supplementary videos and articles to learn even more.

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Enrich your students' knowledge


Build your students’ knowledge of Passover. This list offers information about the Jewish faith, Moses, various holidays within Judaism (including Passover), and more and includes games, activities, lessons, and historical information.

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