February 11, 2024

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Digital Learning Day 2024

Digital Learning Day (2/15) spotlights educators who harness the power of digital learning to create personalized learning experiences, authentic connections, and collaborations. We’re sharing a collection of digital tools that will level the playing field and close equity gaps in your classroom. We’ve included a wide range of digital tools and encourage you to find a new one to try! 

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Grades K-12


Collaborate, share, teach, and interact with students—no registration required! Use the teaching mode to create, assign, and teach live lessons, or use the collaborative mode to create a shared workspace with other students.

Grades 5-12


Use this free, slide-based multimedia tool to create interactive lessons for any web browser on iOS or Android devices. Build your presentations using pre-made templates and use three different presentation modes: live, student pace, and front of class.

Grades K-12


Try out this free discussion tool that allows students to share video responses. You can create an account using Google, Microsoft, or your email address. Flip makes an excellent follow-up for a flipped or blended learning assignment.

Grades K-12

Adobe Express Video Maker

Create and share professional-looking videos that are quick and easy for students at all levels to design. Follow the prompts to begin your creation using a story template or by starting from scratch. Add videos, text, music, and more to your video.

Grades K-12

Adobe Firefly

Delve into this cool tool that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) for digital learning! Simply enter prompts to create images, text effects, and color palettes fueled by your imagination. Visit Firefly's gallery for inspiration.

Grades K-12

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator uses AI to produce images from your text. Add your text to the chat box using as much descriptive language as possible, and Bing will produce four images to match your request. Select any image to edit and save it.

Grades K-12


SchoolAI offers many easy-to-create student activities—such as the Historic Figure Chatbot, Book Explorer, and Choose Your Own Adventure—and chat-based tutoring sessions for any subject. Most activities include a preview option before starting.

Grades 9-12


Converse with George Washington, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Edison, or any other historical figure. Character.AI provides the tools to engage in fictional chats with any character or group of characters, real or fictional. Search for a name and try it out.

Grades 6-12


Videoask is an asynchronous video conversation tool. Use it to create authentic dialogue within a video format. Create an account and use the templates found on the dashboard or a blank project to begin a conversation.

Grades 6-12

Mural for Education

Check out this virtual whiteboard workspace where you can use sticky notes, shapes, and connectors to create diagrams, mind maps, drawing tools, images, and more. You can also create breakout rooms for group work, prepare and share study guides, and more.

Grades K-12


Vmaker is an all-in-one screen recorder, video recorder, webcam recorder, and video editor. Use Vmaker to create, edit, and schedule recordings without time limits or watermarks. Create a free account to record unlimited videos for free.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Join us this Tuesday for our next free OK2Ask virtual workshop of the winter season, and check out the related blog post. We are also sharing collections related to three areas of digital learning: blended learning, social media, and coding in the classroom. 

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Tuesday, 2/13, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: 3 Cool Tools for Digital Reading

Digital reading often includes a research component that is not linear, so when reading online, students need to clarify their purpose and then evaluate and synthesize information. Join us to learn about the processes involved in digital reading.

Plan for digital reading instruction in the classroom »

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Infusing Technology Blog

Celebrate Digital Learning Day!

Check out this blog post packed with great ideas, tools, and resources to try on Digital Learning Day, or any time! Read about digital tools, digital citizenship, and ways to increase engagement with gamification and collaboration.

Read about innovative ways to use technology in education »

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Peruse this curated list

TeachersFirst's Blended Learning Resources

In blended learning, students learn through a combination of digital media and traditional classroom teaching. Since some of the instruction is digital, students have more control over the pace. Explore free blended learning resources in this collection!

Blend the learning on Digital Learning Day »

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Discover new tools to try

TeachersFirst's Social Media Resources

This collection provides professional learning for educators about using social media in the classroom, tools to organize and share social media, plus some social media favorites. View our collection to find a valuable tool for your lessons.

Learn how to infuse social media tools in to your lessons »

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Explore this eclectic mix of coding tools

TeachersFirst's Coding in the Classroom

Use these helpful sites to turn the intimidating content of computer programming into an exciting learning adventure for all! Nurture problem-solving, logic, and creativity with the ideas shared in the reviews and find resources to learn about coding.

Encourage your students to try out coding »

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