January 9, 2022

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We’re kicking off a new year of OK2Ask workshops packed with practical strategies and tools for facilitating student knowledge construction—a 21st century skill that helps students gain a deeper understanding of concepts and make information more personally relevant.
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Universal Letter Writing Week

Today marks the first day of Universal Letter Writing Week, which occurs annually during the second week in January and is all about writing letters to friends, classmates, and family. This week, we are sharing tools to get your student motivated to write letters and other forms of digital stories. 

Grades 3-8

Letter Writing Generator

This interactive letter generator uses prompts to guide students as they write either a business or friendly letter. When finished, students can print or save their work.

Grades K-12

Future Me - Write a Letter to the Future

Check out this email service that allows you to write an email and have it delivered in the future (up to 50 years later). Insert your email address, add a subject, and write your email. Choose a future date for delivery, and it's ready to go!

Grades 8-12

Letters of Note

Discover this collection of over 900 interesting letters from various sources. Share Leonardo da Vinci's job application, a letter from Steve Albini to the band Nirvana, Virginia Woolf's final letter, and other examples with your students.

Grades K-6

Postcard Creator

Students can use this interactive tool to create personalized postcards without registration! Follow the instructions on your screen to add a mailing address, message, and description, then choose from a collection of stamps. Print when finished.

Grades 5-12

Write and Improve

Try out this fantastic tool that provides practice and instant feedback on written responses to prompts. Choose your topic, writing level, and writing project (postcards, letters, and many more), then submit and receive feedback about your writing.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Digital Storytelling Resources

Engage and excite students to write using this curated collection of digital storytelling tools for all grade levels and subject areas. Use these resources for assessment, collaboration, sharing results, project ideas, and more.

Grades 2-12


If you’re looking for a simple tool to write and share blogs, web content, or digital stories without registration, look no further. Type the name of your piece, the name of the author, and the content, then publish and share.

Grades 2-12


Use Revue to create a personal or professional email newsletter in minutes. Compose it, preview it, and schedule when you'd like it to send. You can also share it on Twitter and other social media platforms. The free account allows 50 subscribers.

Grades 3-12

Visual Writing Prompts

Scroll through these unusual visual writing prompts that include a unique image, prompt explanation, and basic information, such as the Creative Commons credit and appropriate age groups. Prompt explanations provide added discussion questions.

Grades 6-12

Academic Help

Utilize this collection of writing guides for almost any writing need. Use the menu bar at the top to find directories sorted into topics such as “Academic Assignments,” “Becoming a Student,” “Creative Writing,” and “Letter and Business Writing.”

This Week at TeachersFirst

We invite you to register for our Winter OK2Ask virtual workshops and learn about a global collaboration opportunity. We are also excited to share a related blog post and our weekly poll. 

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Join us for an upcoming session

OK2Ask Winter Registration Now Open

Our new season of free OK2Ask virtual workshops starts soon! Register now and join us to learn about Animoto, digital writing, tools for curation, Triple E, research projects using Microsoft Edge, and many more topics and tools.

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Make global connections

Across the World Once a Week

Make connections beyond your classroom and try out this simple, social way for students to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals from students worldwide. Your class is presented with one question per week to answer about where you live.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Bring Letter Writing into Your Classroom

Check out this blog post that discusses the purpose of recognizing letter writing and encourages everyone to take up pen and paper and write a personal note this week. Also, read all about strategies and tools to promote letter writing in your classroom.

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Please share your thoughts with our community

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks, "What kind of digital writing do your students do the most?" Share your reply and view the responses of others when you click submit.

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