July 30, 2023

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Classroom Management Resources

Ready or not, the beginning of the school year is almost here! One of the best ways to plan for success is to organize classroom procedures, routines, and other areas of classroom management. This week, we are sharing a collection of tools to help you to get started as you plan this year's classroom management strategies. 

Grades K-12

OK2Ask On Demand: TeachersFirst Tech Tools Smackdown

View this on-demand session that shares and compares some of TeachersFirst contributors' favorite resources for classroom management. Learn about ten resources that you can use on the first day, and don’t miss the resource site for even more gems!

Grades K-12

Classroom Management: Face-to-Face, Hybrid, & Virtual

Learn some excellent classroom management strategies and earn a professional learning certificate by completing these free modules created by TeachersFirst! There are modules about each grade range, technology tools, managing virtual classrooms, and more.

Grades K-12

Instant Classroom Seating Chart

Create a seating chart quickly and easily. Take advantage of the Random Name Generator and Classroom Group Maker tools—you can also create different groups of up to 100 students, making this an ideal tool for secondary grades too.

Grades K-5


Brain breaks are essential to keeping your class on track and their focus strong. The engaging games, videos, and activities on GoNoodle provide short bursts of movement, improving focus and energy in the classroom.

Grades K-6


Class123 is a classroom management tool that contains several features for organizing classrooms and communicating with students and parents, including a timer, seating chart, attendance manager, random name picker, and communication tools for families.

Grades K-12


Check out this background utility for use with interactive whiteboards or virtual classrooms. Click and drag the icons at the bottom of the screen to place 13 widgets—including a random name picker, text, timer, and clock—onto your screen.

Grades 4-12


With this tool, teachers create a class code and give it to students. As students work and find they need help, they enter their name, class code, and a comment to join the virtual help queue for their teacher to view.

Grades K-12

Wheel of Names

Do you need to randomly select names, items, places, or other items? This tool is for you! Customize wheels using your Google Drive for easy access from anywhere. You can add as many names or items as you like, but only 48 will show on the wheel at once.

Grades K-6


Teacherstack helps manage and organize simple classroom tasks such as center rotation schedules, seating charts, and to-do tasks for students. Create your account and add students, classes, student groups, schedules, and transition time.

Grades 6-12


Along is an online tool for digital check-ins and reflection activities that allows students to respond using audio, video, or text. Share a question with some or all students to encourage making connections and to check in on student wellness.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Join us for three opportunities for professional learning this week. We have our summer OK2Ask series continuing on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday we will hold our bimonthly Twitter chat. We are also sharing a blog post and kindly request your input on our weekly poll. 

  OK2Ask: Tech Tools for Language Learners image

Tuesday, 8/1, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Tech Tools for Language Learners

In this session, we will identify language acquisition strategies that support multilingual learners in your classroom and explore tech tools and activities that foster independent learning and facilitate vocabulary building, writing, and comprehension.

Plan to use strategies to support multilingual learners »

  OK2Ask: Tech Tools Smackdown: Virtual Field Trips & Live Feeds Edition image

Wednesday, 8/2, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Tech Tools Smackdown: Virtual Field Trips & Live Feeds Edition

Many technology tools are available for classroom use, but which are teachers’ favorites? This session will share and compare some of TeachersFirst contributors’ favorite resources. Help us decide which tool is the winner of this session’s Smackdown!

Discover free tech tools during our smackdown »

  Twitter Chat: Research Resources image

Thursday, 8/3, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Research Resources

Come and tweet with us using the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst. During this chat, participants will discuss the purpose of inquiry-based research in the classroom and share ideas for integrating student research across the curriculum.

Explore inquiry-based research strategies and resources for use in the classroom »

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Get caught up on our recent posts

Infusing Technology Blog

Dive into our Infusing Technology Blog as you prepare for the new school year. Learn about tech tools, read about frameworks, discover timely classroom suggestions, and more in posts written by experienced classroom teachers and tech coaches!

Gear up for a great start this year »

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This week our poll asks, "What is your biggest challenge related to classroom management?" Share your choice and view the responses of other educators once you click submit.

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