September 30, 2018

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Get Computing!

With Computer Learning Month and National Cyber Security Month being observed this October, the digital citizenship interactive, digital safety lesson unit, and other resources shared below are timely and highly relevant!

Grades K-12

Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative (ESCEI)

Find and download a kit with everything you need for teaching your K-6 students about digital safety! Check out the three interactive learning modules about online safety and cybersecurity principles, slides, complete instructors' guide, and much more.

Grades 3-12

BrainPOP Digital Etiquette

Navigate this interactive site to learn more about digital etiquette. View the interactive video to learn proper behaviors to use while online using social media, blogs, gaming, emails, and more. Activities also teach about cyberbullying and vocabulary.

Grades K-12

Digital Citizenship Resources

Check out this curated list of resources, collected by our TeachersFirst editors. Peruse various topics such as: protecting your digital footprint, protecting your identity, "netiquette," and more. There are a variety of tools included for all grades.

TeachersFirst Lists & Archives

Leverage our recent Twitter chat archive to promote digital citizenship within the classroom and help students practice social media skills! Plus, get students to problem solve and delve into image usage with our free image and computational thinking tool lists.

Grades K-12

Free Images

Navigate this curated list of resources that provides free image tools. Use the list as an opportunity to show good examples of digital citizenship. Image usage is an ideal time to discuss the important topics of copyright, Creative Commons, and more.

Grades K-12

Computational Thinking

Bring problem-solving, computational thinking, and STEM into your classroom with these tools. Share on your class website, projector, whiteboard, or on individual devices. Topics range from coding to charts to logic and more. All grades are included.

Grades K-1

Twitter Chat: Using Social Media Practice Spaces in the Classroom

View this archive of a recent Twitter chat for tips to promote digital citizenship within the classroom. Discover tech tools and activities that can be used to allow students to practice social media skills. Share your own ideas with others educators.

Technology Help Resources

Uncover endless Google-goodness with a Google help playlist on YouTube. You can also help students better understand the importance of intellectual property and learn tech speak lingo with the resources shared below!

Grades 6-12

TechTerms Computer Dictionary

This unique dictionary shares a tech term of the day (with a definition). There is also a daily quiz question related to technology. This is a great site to share in computer class or on your class website for students (and parents) to view together.

Grades 3-12

USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office

Help students of all ages learn about trademarks and patents, plus the importance of intellectual property creation and protection. This site includes cards of inventor profiles, activities at different levels (with age appropriate videos), and more.

Grades K-12

Google Help

Peruse this YouTube playlist offering support for Chromebooks, protecting and using Google accounts, using Gmail and Drive, and much more. Choose individual videos or select playlists by topic to find up to date help in using Google tools.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Our geography-themed resource, Globetracker, featuring two adventurous, world traveling teens, debuts this week! Read all about Geo and Meri's continent hopping journey below. Additionally, two professional learning opportunities await you this week: come learn about Google Draw and MakerSpaces! And don't forget to share your thoughts about digital citizenship on our weekly poll.

  Globetracker Mission image

Get Ready to Take Off!

Globetracker Mission

Join teens, Geo and Meri, as they travel the seven continents and share their findings on their interactive blog. Students get to vote each week for what happens next in the story. Aligned to standards for grades 2-5, this is a great find for your class!

Join the mission today »

  OK2Ask®: Interactive Drawings with Google Draw image

Learn Together on Tuesday 7 PM ET

OK2Ask®: Interactive Drawings with Google Draw

Transform your classroom activities with interactive images created using Google Draw. Engage students and deepen content area knowledge by adding text, audio, and video to images which bring additional context to your instruction.

Start creating interactive drawings »

  Twitter Chat: Make That MakerSpace! image

8 PM ET #OK2Ask

Twitter Chat: Make That MakerSpace!

Let's learn together during this week's Twitter chat (Thursday, 10/4, at 8 pm ET using #OK2Ask hashtag). Become familiar with the basic components of a MakerSpace. Discuss technology integration and digital options for MakerSpace areas.

Learn all about this making session! »

  Weekly Poll image

Share Your Thoughts

Weekly Poll

How would you best describe the teaching of digital citizenship in your class? Share which reply is closest to what you do in your classroom to encourage digital citizenship.

Share your thoughts here! »

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