How do Twitter Chats Work?

A Twitter chat is an hour-long event where participants come together to discuss a topic on Twitter. During the event, a host or moderator tweets a series of questions to encourage responses and interaction among participants. The host numbers the questions (Q1, Q2, etc.) as they're asked while participants use a corresponding answer number for their responses (A1, A2, etc.). Both the host and the participants end their tweets with the official chat hashtag(s) to make the whole conversation searchable and easy to track for all participants and followers.

To get the most out of an education Twitter chat, participants should not only respond to the host's prompts, but also to other participants' tweets. The host's roll is to supply thoughtful questions and encourage conversation—the participants' roll is to share their thoughts and engage with others' perspectives on the topic. Responding to tweets and following other participants is also a great way to grow your personal learning network (PLN) and to connect with other educators.

How do I Participate in an #OK2Ask Twitter Chat?

  • Check out our schedule of our upcoming Twitter chats for educators and follow us on Twitter (@SFLOK2Ask)
  • Search #OK2Ask on Twitter or use a tool such as to follow the hashtag.
  • Begin the chat by introducing yourself! Tell other participants what you do and where you're located.
  • Answer the host's questions (and ask your own follow-up questions!) about the chat's topic using the Q1/A1 format so others know which question you're referring to.
  • End every tweet with the hashtags #OK2Ask #TeachersFirst so that others following the conversation can find your contributions to the chat.
  • Grow your PLN (personal learning network) by following participants in the chat whose contributions are interesting to you.

Want to see an example chat or catch up on past topics? Access our Twitter chat archive any time!

Don't miss your opportunity to try this flexible, discussion-centered form of professional learning and development!

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