XW1W (Across the World Once a Week)

Global Collaboration for Cross-Cultural Understanding


Participation Tips for XW1W:

  • Be willing to adapt and change as needed. If you find that XW1W does not fit in as a part of your morning routine, consider switching it to another time.
  • Share! Encourage other teachers in your building to participate too. Learning can become even more collaborative and worthwhile with additional classrooms participating. Ask to have the question of the week shared during the school's opening announcements on Monday morning. This can help to promote further educational conversations during the week amongst students in numerous classrooms within the building.
  • Show enthusiasm! Help your students to understand what they can gain from becoming active participants in XW1W. If YOU are excited about XW1W, your students will be too!
  • Remind students that the learning process is continual. They can share their own response and then also learn different points of view and a variety of possibilities from many other students and educators. Promote open-mindedness.
  • Encourage students to take their time in responding. Suggest research options and utilize other technologies and platforms to come up with a final answer before posting.
  • Create a unique classroom hashtag such as #mrssmithmath or #C15socialstudies and include it in your responses.
  • Remember: Technology is not always perfect. A glitch can happen at any time, but using technology allows for new and incredible ways to grow, connect, learn, and thrive. Have patience, stay positive, and enjoy the experience!