TeachersFirst's Educator Advisory Board

The TeachersFirst Educator Advisory Board provides feedback and guidance to the TeachersFirst professional staff regarding the needs and interests of classroom teachers, especially those who seek to use technology to support teaching and learning. The Board members span all grades, from kindergarten to collegiate teacher-ed programs, with representation across multiple subject areas, teaching levels, and geographic locations around the globe. The board meets several times a year in a virtual environment to share ideas and collaborate. The group includes educational technology leaders at the local, regional, and national levels, as well as several authors of education and technology books.

  • Dr. Mike Currier, principal, Missouri
  • Mr. Olver Dreon, Jr., former high school physics teacher turned college education professor, Pennsylvania
  • Ms. Tamara Ingalls, middle school science teacher, Virginia
  • Mr. Ange Kenos, high school teacher and professional organization president, Australia
  • Ms. Susan LaFaso, elementary computer teacher and teacher of gifted, New Jersey
  • Ms. Melanie McQueen, PreK-12 ESOL Teacher, Kansas
  • Ms. Barbara Muller-Ackerman, former school counselor now in private practice, New Jersey
  • Mrs. Jeannie Rahaman, elementary media specialist, Michigan

Former members:

  • Ms. Ilene (DeeDee) Franklin, retired high school science teacher and current adjunct community college chemistry teacher, New Jersey
  • Ms. Bonita Hamilton, PhD candidate and former Assistant Director of Instructional Technology/Elementary Administrator, Colorado
  • Mr. Peter Hanisch, middle school science teacher, Australia
  • Mrs. Donna Ingalls, fourth grade teacher, South Carolina
  • Ms. Linda W. Hill, school library/media specialist, Virginia
  • Mrs. Deborah Seyffert, kindergarten teacher, South Carolina