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This online mapping tool allows you to see and create placemarkers added to interactive maps (powered by Google). Maps include "stories," photos, videos, and comments and ratings from...more
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This online mapping tool allows you to see and create placemarkers added to interactive maps (powered by Google). Maps include "stories," photos, videos, and comments and ratings from other users. Manipulate the map as you would on Google Maps (zoom, drag, etc). Using your membership, click to add a new placemarker, enter a "story," title it, and upload pictures or video. You can also edit your profile, view places created by you or any author you choose to "follow" and more. Visit this "story" we made in Reston, Virginia (west of Washington, DC) for a sample placemarker full of teaching ideas left by our review team "captain." Mapskip allows you to zoom in and out (using the arrows) and scroll across the map in any cardinal direction. You can view the entire world, or individual cities. Red hands are used to represent placemarkers created by users. There are special features available for teachers upon registration. See their blog entries for more details about these features and ways to see only content created by your students or classmates. The Mapskip blog is written by the MapSkip staff to explain new features and tools. Registered members are able to comment on any updates there, as well. MapSkip is now updating their platform. Current users can still access Mapskip. TeachersFirst will update this review with the new platform information as soon as it is available.

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In the Classroom

Before you submit your registration, be sure to scroll down to request "additional features for teachers" with the checkbox near the bottom of the form. Register for the "special teacher features" to enable you to establish student accounts linked to your email address. Even without joining, you can share PREVIEWED Mapskip entries created by others on an interactive whiteboard or projector as you study faraway places. Create Mapskip entries about historical sites in your local area, including images taken with digital cameras, artifacts from your local historical society, links to newspaper articles, or video/audio interviews of older residents telling about old times. As you study community or landforms in your elementary class, "MapSkip" them with annotations of a local map, showing examples of landforms and local community landmarks with digital pictures. Allow older students to use the site independently or in small groups. The teacher features make it more teacher-friendly than Google Maps. Mapskips are ideal as a product for individual research projects. In world language classes, have students plot a trip or write an imaginary story of their dreamed trip to Spain or Mexico. Take your students on a whiteboard trip to the native countries where the language is spoken. Literature settings can take on new meaning when your students annotate them on a map. Have students "MapSkip" the landmarks of an author's life and/or the locations in his/her novels. Trace the path of a famous person's biography or annotate a famous painter's works, using links to the images from the places shown in landscapes. The "story" of a work of art can include critical analysis, as well. Anything that has a "place" can be a MapSkip. Have students map family trips or important places in family history and share the maps with parents! Extend the curriculum for gifted students by having them map real world places related to the topic you are studying. Be sure to share their Mapskips by embedding them (or linking to them) on a class web page. You may also be able to find other classes using Mapskip and set up collaborations for your more able students.

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