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Wiki tool feature comparison: Wikispaces Free "Plus" Membership for Teachers
URL for teacher accounts:
Sample wiki using this tool: TRY IT!
Features available: Yes/no What they call it, and how to find it Reviewer comments
No cost version for classroom use

“Plus” plan, usually bears a cost. Use the URL above to access the for teachers offer. Over 250K free wikis have been given away, and they are still going!
Safe, individual student accounts
See directions on to email the info to wikispaces  
Mass enrollment/registration of students and other wiki members
See directions on to do bulk upload from an Excel or csv file  
Can “see” student passwords so teacher can help the forgetful or change
Use mass enrollment feature to set their passwords If students CHANGE their password. you will not know.
Multiple wikis for a single class or teacher
Easy-to-find links to outside wikis and places possibly inappropriate for the classroom?
(not a good thing)
Widgets accessible from TV-type icon on editing toolbar. Some widgets access "general public" content. Your school filtering may block sites such as YouTube, anway.
Advertising free
Control of access to VIEW wiki
"private," :protected," or "public" Protected means the public can see it but not make changes. Free Plus account for educators gives you great control
Control of access to edit wiki
"Lock" pages. Cannot control by individual wiki member, however. If any member can edit a page , all members can. Free Plus account for educators gives you great control
Ability to track “vandalism” and reset to previous versions
Page history and Revert  
Selective permissions to certain pages within wiki
  You can lock certain pages so only you (admin) can change them. Another work-around is to  make a separate wiki that has different privileges and link to it.
Customizable “look”
Manage space> Look and Feel Changes in 2010 make many more color options and themes available
Page templates available
One basic page offered  
Self-created templates available
Manage space> Manage templates Use an existing page you have made as a start-point for a new page. Create as many templates as you wish.
Includes blog features/tools
Can integrate with your Typepad blog- see help.  
Supports images
Icon of tree on editing toolbar Upload, select from your collection, or link by URL. Limits: single file 10 MB, total files: 2GB
Supports audio files
Widgets (TV icon on toolbar) or as linked file. No podcast syndication or RSS feed. Link to the file elsewhere on the web or embeds using code from other sites. Limits for free PLUS account: single file 20 MB, total files: 2GB
Notifies admin (teacher) of changes via email
My Account : select pages for email notification or leave set for all, or Notify Me tab on individual pages  
RSS feed for changes available
Notify Me tab on individual pages  
Supports video
By embedding video based elsewhere on the web: YouTube, Google Video, Teacher Tube, others? Use TV icon on editing toolbar  
Supports file upload
Tree icon on editing toolbar Limits for free PLUS account: single file 20 MB, total files: 2GB
Image resizing tool included
Easy text editor
Toolbar like Word.

Newer features in 2008: text coloring/formatting, table tools.
Click Floating Toolbar to keep it with you as you scroll.
Spell check available
Other features: widgets
TV icon on editing toolbar: Video, Audio, Calendar, Spreadsheet, Document, Polls, RSS Feed, Chat and IM, Slideshow, Map, and any HTML embedded items you wish. Some very handy! Some widgets may be blocked in your school or difficult for teacher to monitor.
Teachers new to such tools may want to “prohibit” their use, since students can “find” inappropriate content.
Other features: Private messages
Manage space> Members> click on person’s name to send message Teachers could use this to comment directly to students on their work.
Online support
Help in upper right. Also teacher-specific Help at

Newer help is searchable. Help videos available as of late, 2009.
Not as much contextual help as some other tools (help right next to an option)
Human support
Only by submitting via email, not in real time  
Easy set-up (rate 1 to 5, 5 being easiest)
Use educator page and directions at videos for demo and help.
Don’t forget to request free “plus” level
Backup download available
Manage space> back up space Complete offline copy available for download

Overall comments:

The first wiki service to offer free, ad-free wikispaces for educational use.
Auto-save of drafts as you edit.
Warning message if someone else has edited at the same time you have. "Merge" option available, though not foolproof.
A clean and clear tool without confusing clutter or unnecessary options.
Teacher-friendly help pages.
Bulk enrollment a big plus for secondary teachers of many students.
2010 addition of bulk opertions in managing users very uesful.
Generous file storage space.
Can add pages that do not show in Navigation area yet. Hiding pages can come in handy in “preparing” content you don’t want to “show” yet, such as upcoming units or projects.

Anyone can access Manage space, not just the wiki organizer. This may be a problem with curious students.
Widget availability can be a problem for teacher not comfortable managing such easy availability or for teacher in schools where these items are forbidden.