Help! I lost my library/media specialist! - Biography Read-Alouds

Introduction - Biography

You have probably passed the half-way point in your academic year.  You have undoubtedly read a fair number of fictional works to your students as read-alouds.  It’s likely that you’ve used informational texts in the content areas to work through different units of study in the curriculum.  Perhaps it’s time to try something a little different for your classroom read-alouds! 

February and March are great months to immerse your students in biographies.  With President’s Day, Black History Month, and Women’s History Month you have excellent reasons for doing so.  And, since so many excellent picture book biographies are now being published, you can introduce even the youngest learners to some fascinating people.

Click on the links below for some noteworthy books, and don’t forget to search the Teachers First database for more sites associated with famous women, presidents, and African Americans.  There’s a wealth of resources and classroom activities waiting for you!

For Lower Elementary Students

For Middle Elementary Students

For Upper Elementary Students

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