Questions and Thinking in Common Core
Part 1: Teachers as Questioners


The Common Core State Standards were written to ensure that our students will be college and career ready upon leaving our schools.  According to the standards, students who are ready will be independent, self-directed learners who can determine their information needs and seek out ways to meet those needs.  They will have a strong knowledge base built around content areas.  They will be able to read complex written works, and both comprehend and critique them.  They will value multiple perspectives and be able to build upon the ideas of others in discussions and participate in collaborative projects.

Since thinking is driven by questions, this article examines the role that questioning can play in the Common Core, and we offer some tips for teachers as questioners from elementary grades and up. Adapt these ideas as appropriate in middle and high school grades. A separate article, Part II of Questions and Thinking in Common Core will discuss Students as Questioners.




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