Help! I lost my library/media specialist! - Embracing Research

Embracing Research: Teaching information literacy and subject content without a library/media specialist

Long, uninterrupted instructional stretches, such as the one between the holidays and spring vacation, are the perfect time to embark upon a research project with your students. Conducting research is an excellent way for students to use higher order thinking skills. 

A number of models for the research process exist with as few as three steps for primary students (The Super 3: Plan. Do. Review) and as many as seven steps (The Independent Investigation Method, or I.I.M).  Basically, it boils down to having students:

  • Question
  • Gather information
  •  Form Conclusions
  •  Share
  •  Reflect

Having students research a topic of interest in a supportive, meaningful way can be a very positive experience. It’s a way to flex some critical thinking muscles and to apply and enhance other skills you’ve worked hard to teach.  Embrace the challenge.  Your students may surprise you with their depth of knowledge and creativity!

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