Summer Reading: Not Just for Kids!

The lazy days of summer have arrived, and teachers have reason to relax.  You brought your students through another year of content and relationship-building.  You’ve helped them navigate their social circles and nudged them toward greater independence.

Now it’s time to take care of you!  It’s time to re-energize your spirit and reaffirm your dedication to this profession that you love.  TeachersFirst is here to help.  We know that in your day-to-day teaching life you might not have time to read all you’d like for your own professional growth and emotional well-being.  This month we focus on some books to fuel your passion for education and reaffirm the impact that teachers have upon their students. 

We’ll also introduce you to some blogs on the web (written by your teacher colleagues around the United States) that might inspire you.  So grab your beach bag, your e-reader, and your library card, and let the words soak in and fortify you!

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