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Award-Winning Teacher Blogs
This blog is authored by a preschool teacher (and the only teacher) at a co-op preschool for 2-5 year olds.  “Teacher Tom” is based in Seattle, Washington and his blog has won a number of awards.  He provides thoughtful, self-reflective posts on a variety of topics of interest for teachers of young children. 
 “Ms. Mac” is a K-5 Art teacher.  Her site includes links to the artist of the month for each unit of study, comments by her students about art-related topics that she raises, a well-written overview of her philosophy and program goals, and lots of slideshows and videos that show what her students do in class.
Fun to Teach ESL is a blog written by a K-5 ESL teacher, based in Oregon. Find co-teaching ideas, collaboration strategies, and activities. The blog includes quotes, resources, workshop information, and more. There are also links to additional blogs and resources.
Kelsey Lapin in a K-4 art educator in Wisconsin. Her blog includes videos, lesson ideas, supports pages, and more. This blog won the 2015 Rising Star Blog of the Year for an Art Ed Blog. 
Linda Yollis is a veteran third grade teacher in California who is passionate about teaching and blogging.  Her site has won awards multiple years in a row.  She has provided many resources for teachers who are interested in blogging with their classes and has completed some global projects through blogging.  She often posts videos of the learning that is taking place in her classroom. 
This blog was a six week project involving six primary classes in six countries around the world (including Linda Yollis’s above).  It was voted Best Group Blog in 2011 and is a great example of what is possible when several teachers collaborate! 
Nick Provenzano is a high school English teacher and presenter, consultant, and founder of Project PLN (an e-zine for educators who want to share their stories). He has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, but blogs on many different topics.  His site has won multiple awards.

Other Blogs of Interest
Learning is Messy offers a plethora of teaching ideas, videos, lessons, and more. This blog focuses on STEM lessons and activities, but also includes other subjects. The blogger, Brian Crosby, is also an ISTE author.
Kathy Cassidy teaches first grade in Moose Jaw, Canada.  Her classroom is connected to classrooms all over the world because of this blog.  She posts often and shares lots of ideas.
A Year of Reading blog features two educators reviewing new children’s literature. This blog is frequently updated. All reviews are teacher-focused.

TeachersFirst Blog
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