Procedure - Reflection and Conclusion (a student-centered option)

(See the student page for this activity)

As students complete the quiz to self-test their understanding, have them revisit the key concepts of the Renaissance as you have defined them in your class discussion, graphic organizer, and their own written work (or wiki). If you used hard copy projects for students to share their examples, set them up around the classroom for students to view and learn from each other.

Give them the following assignment:

Now write a reflection on the characteristics that make the most and the least sense to you. If you are working on a class wiki page, add your lingering questions to your page. What terms do you really understand? Which ones are simply a memorized word for you, but have little meaning?

After you finish the reflection, explore the other wiki pages (or other projects) made by other students. Does anyone have an example that helps you understand the concepts better?

After exploring, go back and add another, NEW linked example and explanation to your OWN wiki page -- one that no one else has used.

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